Travel to Osaka (with kids): Research on Universal Studios Japan

Our trip to Japan will also see us outside of Tokyo for nearly a week just to break the monotony of being in the same city and venturing outside our somewhat comfort zone, so the Man has included Kyoto and Osaka as part of the itinerary.

It’s been ages since we last visited Kyoto and Osaka (nearly 10 years ago) and my impression of both Kyoto and Osaka has been somewhat blurred for it paled in comparison to the vibrant and bustling Tokyo. But a lot has changed in the past decade and I’m sure they have slowly caught up. So I’m really quite excited to see what these two cities have to offer now with a new lens put on.  🙂

But first, Universal Studios Japan!

I have to say, doing research on this site was so different from the Disney site which was much user-friendly in terms of browser experience. I could select the criteria for the rides/ attractions and a special list would be populated for me. On the USS Japan site, I had to scroll down the different ‘worlds’ and then go into the attractions one by one to check on the criteria. This increases research time I guess but I can’t complain since I do have time on hand (for now).

universal-re-born-parade_main_vUniversal Studios Japan marks its 15th anniversary and the theme is ‘Reborn’. 2016 will be a year of over-the-top excitement for the park. They’ve added this super cool ride – The Jurassic Park Dinosaur – to mark the occasion but I don’t think we will be taking this with a kid in tow. Next time perhaps, if my heart can still take such excitement.

There are a total of 8 main attractions with Harry Potter World being one of the most popular attractions among many. I hope we do manage to step foot into that world but looking at the map, it does look like we will be heading straight for the Universal Wonderland where I’m sure Bubba will go dizzy with excitement when she step foot here. Just think Sesame Street magnified and quite in-your-face.

main_vDid a quick scan of what we can probably do with her and here’s the list I managed to put together with portions highlighted in blue being possibly the only rides that she can take depending on her height now. I wonder how tall is she exactly, apparently she is now on a eating rampage so I hope that means she has also shot up. Fingers crossed!

Section Name of ride Attraction Type Duration Criteria
Sesame Street Fun World Elmo’s Go-Go Skateboard Roller Coaster/ Viking sort About 2 mins Accompanied by a supervising companion: 92 cm or taller
Moppy’s Balloon Ride Carousel up in the air About 2 mins Accompanied by a supervising companion: 92 cm or taller
Abby’s Magical Tree Playground
Cookie Monster Slide Playground
Elmo’s Bubble Bubble Boat Ride About 2 mins Accompanied by a supervising companion: 92 cm or taller
Moppy’s Lucky Dance Party Show
Abby’s Magical Party Play
Big Bird’s Big Top Circus Carousel About 3 minutes Accompanied by a supervising companion: no limitation
Hello Kitty Fashion Avenue Hello Kitty’s Cupcake Dream Rotating Cups About 90 seconds Accompanied by a supervising companion: any height, 5 per cup
Snoopy Studios The Flying Snoopy Carousel up in the air About 1min 30 seconds Accompanied by a supervising companion: 92 cm or taller

wonderland-party-greeting_main_vOther things that’s probably ideal for Bubba that we will be participating in would be the Wonderland Party Greeting (taking photos with the characters), Sesame Street Funky Party (a show at New York) and waiting out for the Universal Reborn Parade.

harry-potter-and-the-forbidden-journey_main_vAnd I’m really hoping we do get the chance to head to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter! I doubt we will get to take any rides but it will be cool to just soak in the atmosphere and perhaps quench our thirst with the fame Butterbeer at Hog’s Head.

Guess we are almost ready now!! Can’t wait for the trip to happen!! Stay tuned for our reviews after the trip. 🙂 And OH, if you do have tips to share about heading to these amusement parks with young kids, do share them with me.

[Information and pictures taken off the Universal Studios Japan site.]


4 thoughts on “Travel to Osaka (with kids): Research on Universal Studios Japan

  1. Kelly says:

    Not sure about theme parks. but we were there just a week ago (feels so long ago, next holiday come quick!) and we made a trip to the Aquarium in Osaka (one of the largest public aquariums in the world) which has a couple of whale sharks & many manta rays in their largest tank. it’ll be a change since you’ll be in Disney Land & Sea in Tokyo. Since you are heading Osaka why not consider Nara (those roaming deers will be a treat for Sophie) since its just but about a 30-40min train ride out (depends on where you stay). just a couple of thoughts to share here. Excited to see more posts of your trip here, Mummy! =)

  2. Sameer says:

    I heard usj shows are in japanese. Was checking if the same is true
    Aditionally our child is 6 yrs old . Is usj worth as I believe more of the rides are for grown ups and we are on visiting both disney land and sea in tokyo

    • Lady J says:

      HI Sameer, Yes.. majority of the USJ shows are in Japanese. The rides in USJ are catered towards older kids and grown-ups. I think you can check on their website on height restrictions and whether the parent can be accompanied. 🙂 Sounds like a fun amusement park trip that you have planned!

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