Travel to Tokyo: Things to do with kids (part one)

The Man and the Bub spent a good 6 days exploring Tokyo and from all the photo updates that he sends to me regularly, I can tell that they are having a fab time. Thank you technology and wifi!!

img_8803For one, the little one seems to be enjoying all the yummy food, fruits and produce from Japan. The Man shared that she had wolfed down 3 bowls of noodles on several occasions, thereafter demanding for a yogurt or fruit or sometimes even bread. I wonder where the raging appetite could come from. I guess it is a good sign that she’s eating and enjoying herself, what a far cry from when she was younger and we would have to tank her up with milk when she didn’t have a proper meal.

img_8801In this edition of Travel to Tokyo, we would like to share some of the fun places that the Man had brought the little one on the trip with the main mode of transportation being Japan’s efficient railway service . We are hoping to compile this handy guide as you never know when it just might come in handy again. So here goes:


Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea paradise

One of the largest sea aquariums in Japan, Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise was one of the places to head to with the Bub and it’s easy to spend an entire day there for there really is quite a lot to do there from viewing of the aquariums of 6 different zones to getting up-close-and-personal with the marine life. That’s not all, there are also rides for the little ones to get on if you are afraid that they will get bored of just viewing the different marine life.

Tip: Do factor travel time of about 1 hour each way so that you can plan the number of hours you wish to spend at the marine park.

img_8892According to Daddy, Bubba enjoyed looking at all the different sea creatures and was most excited when she saw the penguins. She was fascinated with the graceful jellyfish swimming in the tank and told her Daddy that she wanted to bring one of them home, the Man just laughed at the remark.


img_8888For a small fee, you could also feed fish to the pelican. Apparently the Bub did just that, with just 2 throws, she managed to fling the fish close enough for the pelican to feed on their food. I wished I could witness that moment! Haha..

img_8843Admission fee for adults is 5,050 yen and kids under 4 go in for free.

img_8898Next, we review the little one’s adventures to:


The Ueno Zoo (恩賜上野動物園 Onshi Ueno Dōbutsuen) is Japan’s oldest zoo, opening on March 20, 1882. The zoo is in Ueno Park, a large urban park that is home to museums, a small amusement park, and other attractions.

img_9007img_8912Just before entering the Zoo, the Bub spied the amusement park so badgered the Dad to bring her to play. According to the Man, the rides all look rather vintage and nothing really moved but I think for the Bub, just sitting in them made her happy.

img_8937Admission fee to the zoo is about 600 yen for adults and I believe kids under a certain age would go in for free. From the pictures that the Man had sent over, I don’t think the zoo is huge and can be compared to the Singapore Zoo but it still made for a very enjoyable outing as Bubba is now old enough to recognise the different animals compared from when she was smaller.

img_8915And how did the little one sum up her experience of the zoo?

img_8920In her own words, she told her father “The zoo is very fun!” There you have it, affirmation from the little one that it’s worth the trip down if you do have time to spare.

img_8933There are food kiosks scattered around Ueno Park so if you need a quick refuel, you can do so by buying the food and eating it on the park benches. Also, do take some time to explore the rest of the Ueno Park.  Kan’ei-ji’s original five-storied pagoda in Ueno dates back to the 16th century.

img_9072Robot Park Ropponggi

One of the parks that I hear Bubba keep exclaiming about when we do Facetime in the morning is this Robot Park that’s pretty close to the apartment that they are currently staying. Did a quick scan of the information on the park and according to some blog-posts, many didn’t think that the park is big. But they all commended that the park was designed with young kids in mind and had safety features that parents would appreciate.

img_8960 I guess all that really mattered is that the Bub loves her playground so much so that they attempt to visit the playground in the morning and then again in the evening before they head on home. One of the tips that the Man did share is that it’s probably better to either head to the playground early in the morning or in the evening when it’s cooler. Those rollers on the slides might be a tad bit hot for your little one’s bum bum if he/she goes down too fast. 🙂

img_8968Tokyo Fire Museum

Touted as one of the kid-friendly museums, the Man decided to bring the little one to check this museum out. I was initially wondering how fun can this place be for kids but according to the Man, the Bub did have a good time exploring the different parts of the museum which was indeed child-friendly.

img_9006She got to sit in a helicopter, in a fire engine and a rescue truck. There’s also a section for kids to play dress-up as firemen but the Bub skipped that altogether.

The museum is located in Shinjuku. I need to double-check with the Man on the admission fee as I can’t seem to find the information online. So will edit when this is updated.

img_9063Muji Kids Playground in Shibuya

This was one of the things that I recommended the Man to do while he was putting together his daily plan. He was resistant because he wasn’t keen on indoor playgrounds for the Bub. He preferred letting her go to the zoo, aquarium or the playground. But it was a wet day with forecast of rain, so he decided to bring her there to check it out.

He wasn’t entirely impressed with the area as getting to this playground meant that he had to go  to Shibuya which he felt was simply too crowded for little kids. But once he reached the Muji Playground and ‘unleashed’ the toddler in the play area, it did feel like she had a good time exploring the different toys that were all made largely of wood. True to Muji’s philosophy, simplicity at its best.

There you have a list compiled from the Daddy’s perspective with whatever inputs that he has provided me. I think the Man has more places to head to and a couple more new tricks up his sleeve to entertain his little girl for the next week or so before I eventually head up. So looking forward to seeing where the duo will head to. 🙂

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