Travel to Tokyo (with kids): Research on Tokyo Disneyland

I have a confession!

I’m an amusement park junkie and when it comes to going to theme parks, I simply would just take the guide upon entering the park and then mentally marked out which are the rides and attractions I want to visit (usually roller-coaster and simulation rides) and dive straight into. Back then there was no kid yet, so I could flit from attraction to attraction with ease. No problems on skipping meals and eating on-the-go just to queue for rides or get the adrenaline rush from those sky-dropping rides.

I didn’t quite think this day would come. Me actually doing research on how to maximise our time at theme parks. But with a 2+ year old toddler in tow, I guess this step is necessary in order to fully immerse and to allow the little one enjoy the experience without stressing the parents.

I guess we learned it the hard way earlier this year when we headed to Disneyland with the Little Bow Family. Starry-eyed, we thought we could conquer it all, as in take all those rides! The girls will have a smashing good time and we could stay the entire day taking ride after ride. We were proven wrong as we headed to Disneyland on a public holiday so virtually the entire world was there! We didn’t check out the rides nor the restaurants there so we ended up feeling a little lost in the park. It was still fun nonetheless and I don’t think the girls even knew the difference but lesson learned!

I guess I was inspired after Mama Janice shared her Japan itinerary with us and I was floored by the amount of prep-work that goes into it. So since I do have some time before we head up there. Turns out we are going to be there on another Public Holiday, so massive crowds will be expected! I hope this list will come in handy in narrowing down the rides that Bubba can take and the things that we can do given the limited time that we are there.


list of attractions suitable for kids under 3
in tokyo disneyland

There are a total of 28 rides out of the 40 rides that children under 3 can take accompanied by either their parents or grandparents.  So I decided to list them down here so that it’s easy to narrow down the section that you want to visit when those gates at Tokyo Disneyland open! Marked in blue are the attractions that we are hoping to take so I hope to be able to review them in a blog-post some time in October.

Section Name of ride Attraction Type Duration Seating Capacity
Adventureland Western River Railroad Transportation, Loud sounds, Go through darkness, about 15 mins 140 persons per train
Jungle Cruise: Wildlife Expeditions Transportation, Go through darkness about 10 minutes 32 persons per train
The Enchanted Tiki Room: Stitch Presents “Aloha E Komo Mai!” Theater type, OK on rainy days, Loud sounds, Go through darkness about 10 minutes 318 persons
Westernland Country Bear Theater Theater type, OK on rainy days, about 15 – 17 minutes 306 persons
Mark Twain Riverboat Transportation, ideal to go in evening about 12 minutes 475 persons
Tom Sawyer Island Rafts Transportation about 1.5 – 3 minutes 55 persons per raft
Fantasyland Alice’s Tea Party Rotates/ Spins about 1.5 minutes 4 persons per cup
It’s a Small World Boat ride about 10 minutes 20 persons per boat
Castle Carousel Rotates/ Spins, must be able to sit without assistance about 2 minutes 72 persons
Dumbo The Flying Elephant Rotates/ Spins, must be able to sit without assistance about 1.5 minutes 2 persons per vehicle
Pinocchio’s Daring Journey Transportation, Go through darkness, about 2 minutes 4 persons per vehicle
Peter Pan’s Flight Transportation, Go through darkness, cannot ride with child on lap about 2.5 minutes 2 persons per galleon
Pooh’s Hunny Hunt (FP Attraction) Transportation, Loud sounds, Go through darkness, Cannot ride with child on lap about 4.5 minutes 5 persons per hunny pot
Mickey’s PhilharMagic Theater type, 3D film effects, OK on rainy days, Loud sounds, Go through darkness, about 15 min. (Show Duration: about 11 min.) 454 persons


Goofy’s Paint ‘n’ Play House

Experiential Attractions, OK on rainy days, about 1.5 min 8 persons per applicator
Chip ‘n Dale’s Treehouse Experiential Attraction
Toon Park Experiential Attraction
Donald’s Boat Experiential Attraction
Minnie’s House Experiential Attraction
Tommorowland Stitch Encounter Theater type, OK on rainy days, Loud sounds, Go through darkness about 12 mins 160 persons
Buzz Lightyear’s Astro Blasters (FP Attraction) Loud sounds, Go through darkness about 4 mins 3 persons per vehicle
Monsters, Inc. Ride & Go Seek!  Transportation, Loud sounds, Go through darkness, Cannot ride with child on lap about 4 mins 3 persons per car


parades and shows

Not to be missed this time would be the famed Daytime Parade “Happiness is Here”. Again, there’s something magical about parades and being upfront with all the characters. Oh which reminds me, I need to pack a ground sheet for the trip!! If memory does not fail me, the parade is about 3pm but do check their daily schedule. Crowds start lining the parade route as early as 1pm odd so if you want a good view, that’s probably what you need to do as well.

We missed the evening parade the last time which starts at 7pm as it was way too cold and the girls were already tired. This time round, I hope Bubba will have enough energy to last.

Flavours and Location

I’m planning to bring these popcorn buckets that we got from our last trip along for this trip and fill them instead. Purchase of a new bucket is about 1,600 yen and refills (if you bring your own bucket) is almost less than half the price. I can’t recall so I will update after our trip!

Popcorn Flavours Location in Disneyland Personal Rating
Caramel In front of Sweetheart Café
Next to The Gazebo
In front of the Polynesian Terrace Restaurant
Toon Pop
Pop-A-Lot Popcorn
Soy Sauce & Butter In front of Café Orleans 2/5
Acquired taste, can give it a miss for other flavours
In front of the dock for Mark Twain Restaurant
Next to Treausre Cornet
Curry Next to Trading Post
Salt Next to Chuck Wagon
Milk Chocolate Next to Castle Carousel
Honey In front of Pooh’s Hunny Hunt 5/5
Bubba loves this! Us too!


There are a total of 46 restaurants located inside the park. Our last trip saw Bubba snacking on ice-cream, chips, popcorn and all things junk plus her staple of milk. I tried to feed her some child-friendly curry rice but that was rejected over a bag of corn chips. At the end of the day, I felt so bad for feeding her with all this junk food here’s a list of short-listed restaurants / cafes that we are planning to head to to fuel up.

Location in Disneyland Restaurant Description Price
World Bazaar Great American Waffle Company Disney character motif, Mickey-shaped, Sweets for takeout 1000 yen or less
Center Street Coffeehouse Breakfast menu, Meat Patty, Disney character motif From 1000 – 2000 yen
Westernland The Diamond Horseshoe Course meal / Set meal, Disney character motif, Mickey-shaped From 2000 – 5000 yen
Plaza Pavilion Restaurant Children’s menu available From 1000 – 2000 yen
Critter County Rackety’s Raccoon Saloon Mickey-shaped, Snack for takeout, Sweets for takeout, Hot Dog, Churro / Tipo Torta, Ice Cream 1000 yen or less
Fantasy Land Queen of Hearts Banquet Hal Children’s menu available From 1000 – 2000 yen
Tomorrow Land Tomorrowland Terrace Hamburger / Sandwich, Disney character motif, Mickey-shaped, Soup 1000 yen or less


Disneyland in Tokyo is a shopper’s paradise. There are a total of 46 different stores scattered throughout the park catering to virtually your every need. Our last trip saw us stocking up on Mickey shaped chips, pasta chips and Winnie the Pooh shaped cookies and Mickey Mouse stuffed toy for the Bub. Mama Libby bagged some really cool stuff from the stores there so this trip, here are the specialty shops that I will definitely be keeping a lookout for!

It’s like only 3 shops so hopefully the Man won’t grumble. Hehe..

Location in Disneyland Store Description
World Bazaar The Home Store Interior products, Snacks, Umbrellas, Rain ponchos, Digital media, Battery charger for mobile phones, Batteries, Disposable diapers, Stockings, Pocket tissues, Ice packs
Fantasy Land Pooh Corner Interior products, Snacks, Stationery, Items for babies / small children, Umbrellas, Ice packs
Baby Mine Items for babies / small children, Umbrellas, Rain ponchos, Rain cover for strollers, Disposable diapers, Stockings, Pocket tissues, Ice packs

Okay, 1 down and 2 more theme parks (Tokyo Disney Sea and Universal Studios Osaka) left to research. I’m getting all pumped up about our Disney trip. Bubba’s got her costume this time round so I’m hoping she will be cooperative enough to put it on. Wish us luck!

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Note: Information taken from Tokyo Disney site.

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