Bubba takes on Japan

The Bub is going on a long break to one of our fave cities in the world – Japan. This trip will see her away from me for a good 2 weeks with time spent bonding with the Man and her grandma for the first 10 days and then the Daddy will take over for 5 full days before I head up to join them.

The Man probably drew his inspiration for this trip when he chanced upon an article on Facebook about a Dad taking his 2 year old girl on a solo holiday to spend quality time with his child. When he told me he wanted to do this, I was like “Are you sure you want to do this? But why?”  .

Was I worried? I will be lying if I said no because as a mother and even before I became a mother, I was already a worrier. But I knew that this was something that he had wanted to do and who knows what kind of valuable lessons they both may learn along the way. The Man is not the most patient of people, so it would be interesting to see how he would tame the raging toddler if she throws a tantrum.img_8715So yes, the bags are all packed and the trio left for Japan. I guess this is also a good break for this Mama. I can finally get proper rest (without being jabbed at), catch up with my friends proper, indulge in my massages and beauty treatments without watching the clock. I may even have time to pack my room and catch up on drama serials instead of watching cartoons. OH and guess what, I managed to even squeeze in a girl-trip to Bangkok with Mama Libby! I’m excited for it means stuffing our faces silly and shopping with two hands!

So stick around here won’t ya for I will still be getting updates on how Bubba is doing in Japan. 🙂

img_8728First up, the flight into Tokyo. The Man chose the red eye flight which departed from Singapore at around 12am. We kept the Bub way up beyond her bedtime so that she would be able to sleep through after the plane took off. The plan worked for according to the Man, she did sleep through most of the flight.

img_8733After arrival into Narita, the Man took the Airport Limousine Bus into the city. I guess it helps that we used to live there and frequent the city often so we know how to get around with ease. The bus ride into the city from Narita is about 3 hours. With luggage and a young child, I do think that this is one of the cost-efficient and easiest ways to get into the city. The bus-ride is generally very smooth too and the Bub subsequently took another nap thereafter.

img_8748Given a choice, the Bub would always choose noodles over rice so for lunch, the Man brought her to a local soba joint where she polished off 3 bowls of noodles. The Man was telling me that she finished off half of his portion as well. All I had to say was “Welcome to my world! Eating leftovers since Bubba discovered the wonderful world of food!”

img_8753As the projected length of stay in Tokyo will be about 3 weeks, the Man decided to book an Air BnB this time round. It was in a familiar hood that we used to live in so in terms of getting around by public transport, it shouldn’t be too difficult. I guess it worked out fine for they even managed to find themselves a little playground for the Bub to play before checking into the apartment.

These photo updates are obviously very precious and important to me for it’s a form of assurance that she is doing fine. Plus it would serve as a nice memory to commemorate their first Daddy and Bubba holiday. Stay tuned.. will share more about how to take on Tokyo (Toddler Edition) once we get more updates (or follow us on Instagram : Sophie_LittleWorld) from the Dad.


2 thoughts on “Bubba takes on Japan

  1. Qing says:

    Hi! May I know which area would you suggest to stay in Tokyo? I have a 7 month old baby and it’s our first time to Tokyo..planning to go in late december! Thanks!

    • Lady J says:

      HI there, we usually stay in the Mid-Town/ Ropponggi area as we are familiar with the surroundings. For family-friendly areas, recommend checking out Azabu-Juban, Meguro areas which might suit your needs better. Hope that helps!

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