Happy Teacher’s Day 2016

img_8273Bubba spends a great deal of time in school so it’s actually kinda cute to see her walking into the school premises and being greeted by her little pals and teachers from other classes. It’s kinda like the ‘kampung’ (communal) spirit where the environment is caring and nurturing.

So for Teacher’s Day this year, I had grand plans to customise something special for the teachers but I obviously sat on it and by the time I decided to do it, I had missed the deadline. Oh well, I must remind myself to plan earlier next year!

Thankfully I had some time over the weekend so I scrambled to put together this little care package for the care-givers at Bubba’s school.

img_8146Nothing too fancy but a simple token of appreciation. 🙂 And it’s simple for you to do too… I got small Tupperware boxes and filled them up with snacks on-the-go for the teachers. I find these small Tupperware boxes pretty handy as they are light and compact enough to pop into one’s bag. Plus in terms of quality, they are definitely durable.

img_8299On packaging, I enlisted Bubba’s help by getting her to place her little finger print on each of the mailing label. I then drew a heart over it and then wrote a simple Thank You message on each label before sticking it on the packaging.

img_8291For Bubba’s main teachers, I decided to give them something a little different. These cute tiffin carriers from Weirdo Kate make a fun gift for her teachers in colours that are pleasing to the eye. 🙂  We filled them up with a snack and a hand-cream as a little treat for the occasion.

There you have it, just a small gesture from us to Bubba’s teachers for the care that they shower upon her when she’s in school. It ain’t easy facing a bunch of ticking time bombs in the form of young toddlers, managing them and yet teaching them along the way. So our heartfelt thanks go out to them on this special day!

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