Bubba the Toddler

Welcome to Bubba’s Terrific and many say Terrible Twos!

Life is often not a bed of roses with the little one but I’m really quite thankful to witness her growth. At 26+ months now, she’s this little girl who is such a ball of fun to be around. She loves reading her books and would do so quietly in school (when we go in a little earlier and spy on what she is doing) or at home just before bedtime. She loves chatting with us too, just a couple of nights back, she just would not stop talking. She must have gone on for close to an hour about how she would like to see Dory, Marlin and Nemo. I had to tell her to close her eyes so that she could see them in her dreams. This was after a whole monologue of singing of her fave songs.

img_5669Speaking of singing, this little one loves to sing! My fave time of the day is possibly having her in her car-seat and listening to her belt out the different tunes that we have stored in our CD-drive on the drive home. She has built quite an impressive repertoire of songs from Dora, Sesame Street, Barney, Disney as well as tunes from Sound of Music. The Man has also downloaded his fave Mandarin song and a Hokkien song which Bubba can sing out a line or two.  Seeing how much she does enjoy singing and music to an extent, I’ve decided to enroll her in a music class. Who knows, she might be keen to take up learning an instrument in future.

img_5536Food-wise, I think she should be doing okay. She loves a variety of different types of food so for her daily meals at home, it’s usually a meat, fish, soup with broccoli and/or chawamushi. Her fave fruits are still blueberries, strawberries, apples and pears. In terms of snacking, she is more inclined to snack on savory items instead of sweets so she isn’t a big fan of chocolate, cakes or ice-cream.

Sometimes I do wish time will stop a little, I can’t believe that she’s a baby no more, instead in front of me is this little girl who’s all ready to take on the world.

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