Bubba’s play area at 2 years old

The kid came after we moved into our place for about 3 years so she doesn’t have a room to call of her own for now. She’s a permanent resident in our room but we did manage to evict her out of our bed and into her cot for now.

As for a play-area, we converted our guest-room to house most of Bubba’s play stuff. On evenings on weekdays and on weekends, she spends most of her time there. The Man is also a really neat person, so he would either complain that she has too many toys or would tell me to pack her toys neatly. Anyway, regardless on how messy it becomes, her entire play-area must be ‘restored’ to a somewhat neat condition by the time Bubba leaves the play-area to sleep. The Man is strict like that, so we tell Bubba to clean up and pack up her toys before she leaves her room.

Given the somewhat limitations that we have of her play-are, we end up moving her toy furniture around her play-area and I’m finally happy enough with what we have done up. Nothing too fancy but here are some of her favourite toys which are fixtures to her play-area.

The fire-red vintage kitchen set from Kid Kraft. I was lemming a pink set initially but the price-tag on this was rather prohibitive at about S$399 for this whole set. So when the red one went on a sale, I decided to just get it. Colour-wise, the Man was more accepting of this colour as though striking, it would fit the theme of the room without it being overly girly. So we got this for the Bub as her first birthday present. It took a while for her to get used to playing with the set butย now she loves playing ‘chef’ in her little kitchen. Her fave past-time is opening those cabinet doors which reveal more pretend food underneath those doors. Even though assembling this whole kitchen took a while but it’s a very sturdy kitchen and we are thankful for that as it can withstand Bubba’s tiny but mighty strength.

For the cooking utensils and pretend food items, we love the ones that we got from Mother Garden. I first got acquainted with the toy brand from Pebsicle even before I had a child. They looked so sweet and cute that I made a mental note that if I were to ever have a girl, I need to get the cooking set from the brand. Looks like my wish came true!

Price-wise, they cost a little more but they are very well-made and sturdy. Just one point, they are made of wood and the paint will get chipped if the child drops the item on the floor repeatedly so that’s to be expected and not a fault of the manufacturer. Other brands to consider for pretend food and groceries are Melissa & Doug as well as Kid Kraft. We just got the Pastel Smoothie Set and the Coffee Machine from Kid Kraft after seeing the set shared by her fellow name-twin (Sophie-Rose / Mama Libby).

I got Bubba a tee-pee previously but the Man rolled his eyes when he saw the item so I ended up giving that away. He eventually settled for this make-shift play tent that I got from qoo10 when he saw the little one having a fun time running in and out of the tent at one of the play-dates that we attended.

This play-tent was not too expensive either and really easy to set-up and keep away when we don’t need it. The Bub loves playing in the play-tent usually either playing hide-and-seek with us or dragging her toys and sometimes us adults inside it. We would make up stories and it’s pretty fascinating to see the Bub’s imagination grow with her make-believe stories when we hide out in the tent.

Of course, it can’t be just any ordinary play-tent. We had ours dressed up with this special name plaque that was gifted by lovely Mama R over at Urban Lil. I chose the phrase as stars always hold a special place in my heart and I wanted to put my own hand-print into the decor so since I can’t dress up her room, will just have to play with the little pieces of toy furniture when I can.

Bubba’s play-room is actually brightly lighted. It was built as mainly a library so we house most of our books there. We kept those built-in furniture of course but added more of her stuff to be featured alongside with it.

She has taken a keen interest in sitting down and quietly either playing with her Play-Doh or puzzles (if she’s in the mood). So we decided to get her a table from Ikea to store her junior writing materials, it will also come in handy for future writing lessons. The easel was a new addition to her play area to encourage her to express herself creatively.

There you have it, our simple playroom for the Bub. This layout probably won’t last very long as this Mama is lemming on another project. More to unfold in time to come! ๐Ÿ™‚


6 thoughts on “Bubba’s play area at 2 years old

  1. Karen says:

    Hi Joanne, sorry to trouble you but could I ask if you could share where you purchased the kidkraft items in Singapore pls? Thank You.

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