Visiting Hoi An

IMG_7215Hội An is a city on Vietnam’s central coast known for its well-preserved Ancient Town, cut through with canals. The former port city’s melting-pot history is reflected in its architecture, a mix of eras and styles from wooden Chinese shophouses and temples to colorful French colonial buildings, ornate Vietnamese tube houses and the iconic Japanese Covered Bridge with its pagoda.

Well, we couldn’t quite leave Danang without visiting Hoi An also listed as the World UNESCO Heritage Site. The Man booked as a tour which started at 3pm for Hoi An and off in a mini-bus, we scooted off to Hoi An with the troops.

Vehicles are prohibited in Hoi An so most get around by foot. Put on good walking shoes and be prepared to walk the little streets which are steeped in culture and history. Our guide brought us to visit this silk shop which harvested silk-worms for silk products mainly.

The poor Bub had a mild fever earlier in the day so we gave her a dosage of Progesic and it went down so we thought it would be okay for us to make the trip down to Hoi An. Turned out that it was probably best to just stay in. More to come on that.

Hoi An is also famed for its tailoring and as much as I was tempted to tailor some new outfits, I didn’t in the end. But we had fun going through the different materials available for selection and I picked out a little Vietnamese costume for Bubba for fun. Prices here are way more expensive than the little shops that you could find inside the town. So if you have time, do some market research before dishing out your wallet to pay for the item.

img_7452After the short tour, we walked a little further and found ourselves at the start of the village where the real walking started. Bubba was passed round from adult to adult but the Man did most of the heavy-lifting.

It was a really hot day that we went (think the temperature was almost 40 degrees), so we made a quick pit-stop to refuel on some light drinks before walking further.

img_7453Thankful for older friends who can readily helped out to babysit the Bub. We relied quite heavily on the iPad this trip as we wanted to travel light so some of the games are pre-loaded or downloaded in the iPad. Also am on a look-out for  Toddler Games that are educational, so if you have any to recommend, please share them with me. Again, please don’t mom-shame if you are not into using technology, we only resort to this when we travel as we don’t want the Bub to be running around and really to be honest, just need something to keep her occupied while we finish our food and drinks.  

img_7041Well, if you wish to know if Hoi An is ideal for Pokemon hunting. It’s really not too bad. They have gyms and the streets are also Poke stops. The men were pleased with this discovery!

By about 5pm plus, we were all drained out of energy. The heat was really getting into us and poor Bubba was just flustered. But she was still such a trooper. Willing to walk on her own and also to explore the surroundings.

IMG_7035Hats off to this fantastic sibling-duo who really took turns to entertain Bubba when she was feeling bored.

img_7454And thankfully, Bubba warmed up to them so quickly. The short bonding time in Geneva last year did work. 🙂

The streets of Hoi An are also peppered with some stalls selling knick-knacks. We stopped at one for Bubba to choose some small toys that will act as pretend food for her dolls in her doll-house before adjourning for a quick dinner at Morning Glory. Again, great Vietnamese fare at Morning Glory. Reservations are highly recommended as the restaurant is often packed. If you wish to escape from the sweltering heat, do ask for a table on the second floor where there is proper air-conditioning.

Okay, now on our dramatic twist of events after our dinner. Bubba’s temperature started to rise at about dinner time and this was when we decided to skip the night market and head home as the effects of her fever medication was probably wearing off. On the walk back to our car, our friend saw Bubba fall backwards despite the Man carrying her. This was when I told the Man to let me carry her and I saw her drooling. I knew something was amiss and I hoped that it wasn’t fits again. During that time, we also called out to Bubba but she felt dead-weight and was not responding to my words.

Alarm bells started ringing! We asked our guide to bring us to the nearest doctor and hoped for the best. On the ride there, I held on to Bubba and asked repeatedly if she was ok. She started nodding subsequently but was too weak to gesture any further. I took note of her lips which thankfully were not blue (unlike her first febrile fits incident).

The doctor was already present in the clinic when we arrived some 5-8 minutes later and checked on Bubba. He assured us that she’s fine and is down with a throat infection that probably was aggravated by the pollution as well as the heat. He told us that it will be best to keep her indoors and keep her hydrated.

IMG_7167So that’s basically what we did for the rest of the trip. Nursing Bubba to health and keeping her fever away. It was really quite scary being sick in a foreign country as her fever of 40 degrees took 1 day to break. We were extremely worried and the Man had wanted to book us the next flight out of Danang but I decided otherwise as I was hoping for the best . Plus, it would take a tow on Bubba’s health if she was running that high a temperature on the flight.

IMG_7155Thankfully, on Day 4, she felt better to be outdoors for a little while and on Day 5, we packed our bags and headed home.

IMG_6660What an eventful trip this has been and how different it was compared to our other trips without a kid. But I’m not complaining for we did create some awesome family moments! Danang for now will be in the adult zone radar till Bubba is much older to be able to enjoy the sun fully.


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