Getaway to Danang with our BEST pals

IMG_6534BEST friends since 2010 (or rather since we got to know then in Geneva) and it does feel kind of special seeing their little ones become not so little ones and now for them to be part of the family with Bubba around. They only come back to Singapore once a year and their schedules are usually quite tight to meet with family and friends. So we thought it would be nice to catch up on a leisurely pace with a little getaway to Danang. Been meaning to check it out but never quite got to it and I’ve heard good reviews about the place so we were all raring to go.

img_7451Silk Air flys direct to Danang and this was the first time since turning two that we had to pay for Bubba’s seat. For most of the flight, she fared pretty well. We relied on the iPad that was loaded with her fave cartoons and some games to keep her occupied during the 3hr+ flight. That worked pretty well. Downside to travelling with an active toddler is that we don’t get to sleep on the flight as one of us had to literally keep an eye on her throughout the flight and hope that she doesn’t get into any mischief.

The Man chose the Ocean Villas for our stay. Not quite sure what to expect but I was hoping for lots of sun and swim-time in the pool so I spared no expense in prepping all the floats for the big kids and little ones. This huge Unicorn pool float was something I had been looking forward to play with and boy were we all excited when we inflated it. Yup, even Bubba had to join in the excitement. After a short trip to the nearest supermarket to load up on our supplies and groceries, the BESTPokemon Squad was all ready to hit the pool!

IMG_6948We gave ourselves the nick because Pokemon Go! was officially launched in Asia on 6 August and when we managed to download the game in Danang, that became the topic for majority of the trip. Haha… I didn’t quite hit the pool for it was meant to be a quite dip before we head out to dinner. The Bub was thrilled with her new flamingo float and her newfound friends who were all ready to shower the attention on her.

IMG_6558Our first Vietnamese meal was at Madame Lan and it was sooo good! Restaurant was accessible by cab which was approximately a 15 minute ride from our hotel. Reservations are highly recommended even though the seating capacity of the restaurant is rather huge. The last thing you want is to be turned away in a big group and this was what I witnessed when a group of about 8 pax had no reservations.

They have an English menu with pictures so it’s easy to place your meal order. We had so much food the first night from Vietnamese hand-rolls, fried rice, grilled sotong, grilled clams with garlic, grilled prawns, oyster porridge and much more. In fact, we were pretty stuffed that we decided to exercise a little by going round the vicinity after dinner to catch – you guess it! – Pokemon.


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