Curveballs in parenting

Having a child does throw a curveball in our marriage and if we thought we had it easy, managing a sick toddler can be challenging . Case in point, recently, the Bub was ill and we had to force her to take her antibiotics which she simply refused to do so. We thought how difficult could this powder form of antibiotics that didn’t render any kind of smell nor taste mixed with 20ml of juice be?

Turned out the Bub was way smarter! She obviously knew the mixture was doctored and immediately she clammed her mouth. What would normally take like less than 1 minute of force-feeding her meds took us almost an hour trying to spoon-feed her watered down medication via the syringe. It was simply mind-boggling to say the least.

One evening while we were out dinner, I thought why not mix the antibiotics with watermelon juice and get the Bub to drink it? Again, Bub was ahead of one step and refused to drink the meds. Worse thing about antibiotics is that once you start, you’ve gotta follow-through the course.

So said child was upset, threw a fit in the restaurant and REFUSED to drink her doctored juice. As much as I was exasperated, I knew the best thing we could possibly do is to bring the juice back and then use the syringe to ‘force-feed’ her. The Man, on the other hand, frowned, threw napkin on the table in despair. When I asked ‘What’s wrong?‘ The Man shook his head violently in anger.

Here you go! Child: 1, Parentals: O

This is only the start of what other curveballs Bubba may throw us along the way and well, we all learn to deal with our emotions differently. Openness, having the courage to face challenges and perhaps accepting that you may not always have the upper hand in it all is  also one way to get through parenting. What say you?

If you are wondering whatever happened to the watered down watermelon juice with antibiotics. 15 minutes was what it took and a whole lot of cajoling before Bub drank it (unwillingly, of course).



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