We heart our burgers!

We love our steaks and our burgers so one day, the Man ‘chio’ (asked) me out for lunch on a work-day. Apparently, Burger Joint New York has made its way to our little island and he had wanted to check it out.

img_0599Burger Joint brought back memories of our trip to New York 3 years ago when we first learned that we were pregnant. I felt sick most of the trip with the dreaded morning sickness that plagued most women generally. All I wanted was sinful fries and chips that made me very happy.

This time round, we don’t have to worry about the morning sickness but more of the lunch crowd in general. Located at 115 Amoy Street, the entrance is actually at the back of the restaurant along Gemmill Lane.

The Man ordered the Cheeseburger for me while he went for the Bacon Cheeseburger. We shared a fries and a bottle of sparkling water. The bill came up to nearly $50 if my memory doesn’t fail me. Rather expensive for a simple burger lunch with no additional frills thrown in. Compared with other burger joints, the experience was underwhelming.

img_4912Next, the Man brought me to try the beefburger from The Butchers Club. This was a recent discovery which he went with another friend and he thought the burgers were by far one of the better ones that he has eaten in Singapore as the beef patty is made with aged-dried beef which apparently means less fat in the burger. So expect one really meaty burger that’s protein-packed.

My burger turned out to to be a whopping tower of beef patty adorned with cheese, pulled pork, crispy bacon and onions as a garnish. The Man, feeling famished, went for the double beef patty which was really huge and that suited his raging appetite. As for sides, definitely get the Duck Fat Fries which is good to be shared among 2 people. Trust me, you will want to do that for the burgers served here are rather huge and at some point, I was struggling a little. The cajun fries, on the other hand, I would say give it a miss.

That’s all I have on burgers today. If you have a fab burger place that you love sinking your teeth into, do share this with me. 🙂



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