National Day 2016 Preview

The Man scored some tickets to the National Day Preview last week and we made it a little family outing for us all. It was a memorable one as it was Bubba’s first National Day parade and of course, the helper who had only watch the parade on the television.

IMG_6526Our helper initially wanted to stay home but we persuaded her to join us as the tickets were difficult to score and I thought she would enjoy watching the parade live rather than from the television. So she went along with us and was game enough to deck out in matching red hues for the event.

IMG_6443The happy shot with the Bub actually looking at the camera and smiling. We had fun goofing around a little before the parade started but we almost didn’t make it! I guess there’s a good reason why doors open at 4.30pm and people actually start making their way to the stadium then. We left our place at 5-ish pm and thought we had ample time to park our car, take a train and then settle nicely in our seats. Guess half of the world had the same idea!

We frantically searched for a place to park when we realised most of our usual parking haunts were already full. By the time we got to the National Stadium it was nearing 6pm and my heart sank when I saw the snaking queues to get pass security.

That said, I guess we are really quite efficient. The queue did move on pretty quickly. If you ever get to go to a parade preview or the actual parade for that matter, do not bring bottled water nor canned drinks for those will be chucked. And parents, don’t even bother bringing along your food scissors in your diaper bag. I ended up chucking mine much to the chagrin of the couple in front of me who remarked ‘Who brings scissors out to such an event?’

Bubba had a fun time going through the much talked about NDP Fun Pack which was filled to the brim with loads of goodies. The helper enjoyed dishing out the various goodies for the Bub to hold. Her fave were the butter and chocolate cookies which surprised us when she finished the whole pack and this was after her dinner, her blueberries and her pack of potato chips.


Food is not readily sold at the stadium so either head early and buy those pizzas before the stalls close or bring your own. We had some tips from friends to bring food especially dinner for the little ones in case they get hungry as the parade will end about 8.30pm. So I packed a simple egg onigiri-rice sandwich for the Bub. She was obviously more interested in devouring the egg than the rice.

IMG_6462Without giving too much of a plot away, I really enjoyed bits of the parade and though the blinking LED bracelet where blinking lights were synchronised to the rhythm of the parade was pretty cool. But somehow the parade being held in the new National Stadium was quite different from the previous parade that I attended held at the Floating Platform. I missed the fly-by and the spectacular aerial display of parachuters and planes. Plus fireworks being in an enclosed area just didn’t work for me. I still think the beauty of fireworks should be way up in the sky.

IMG_6469Remember to head on out to witness this stunning fireworks display in the open. They couldn’t do this inside the stadium of course.

IMG_6455Well, the Bub did make it through the 2-hour parade with minimal fussing so I guess that’s good news for the aisles were narrow and I was worried that she would be really bored. She only got scared when she heard the gun salute and cried a little but after the Man calmed her, she pretty much sat through the show. Of course, the loud noise from the fireworks startled her a little but we managed to convince her that they were pretty little colourful stars up in the sky. She bought my story for now.

IMG_6461Guess that’s a wrap for National Day in 2016! We won’t be catching the parade this year but instead heading out with our pals for a little break! Been looking forward to catching up with these peeps of ours and praying for good health plus weather.

So have a great National Day holiday and we will catch you around with updates of our holiday from Danang! 🙂



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