Checking out : The City (for toddlers)

The Man first shared about Kidzania with me when we were living in Tokyo (that was in 2006/ 2007), I was won over almost immediately. I thought just how cool it would be to be a child for a day and to just spend it in Kidzania! I was excited when I heard of its opening of Kidzania Singapore sometime first quarter this year but the entrance fees for the ticket was slightly high and I’ve heard that it wouldn’t be suitable for toddlers. Well, I guess we will just have to wait for the Bub to be older before she could fully comprehend the concept behind Kidzania.

So I did a little research and found a somewhat similar indoor playground that would be perfect for little ones. Presenting The City – an Interactive Learning Playground that brings to Singapore an exciting, first-of-its-kind children role play and pretend play experiences in realistic environments and scenarios – both fun and educational at the same time !

img_5952It’s not entirely new. I’ve heard about it from a colleague and had wanted to visit their outlet which was located at Liang Court but never quite got round to doing so. I’m just glad that they opened a new outlet over at i12 Katong which was close to the home. Made a play-date out of it for these little girls.

img_5925It turned out to be really quite fun for the girls. There were 10 different learning stations that they could explore, each station is designed to let the little ones explore both independently or to encourage play with friends.

img_5902I guess needless to say, her fave learning station was definitely the Mini Supermarket. I loved how she quickly grabbed the mini cart and then went shopping like a pro in the supermarket. It did help that the shelves were all loaded with empty packages of the items that she’s used to seeing at along the aisles of the supermarket.

img_5905Other than pretending to be a little shopper at the Supermarket, you can also teach your little one the concept of budgeting and how to manage cash transactions (ie by becoming the check-out girl). Guess she may not fully comprehend the concept yet, but look how the both of them are actually role-playing already. Haha..


img_5922The girls also had fun in the pint-sized cafe where everything was scaled to suit their size. Basically, one threw all the eggs in the pot and attempted to cook it while the other had a blast removing all the boxes/ plates / cutlery and what not. Oh and not to mention trying to put all the pretend-food into their mouth. I had to stop the Bub from stuffing the fake croissant down her throat. Haha..

img_5915The Bub is hardly a girlie-girl so I was rather surprised when she ventured on her own to check out the salon. She started dipping her little hand into the basket and started pulling out the combs and the fake hairdryer to play hair-stylist on the doll’s hair. There is also a selection of fairy-tale costumes for little boys and girls to play dress-up as well. For the record, we didn’t attempt to dress either one of the girls in an Elsa costume for we much prefer for them to just venture and roam around The City.

img_5884As Bubba just turned, we paid S$22 for her admission into The City which allowed us 2 hours of play given that it’s a weekend. For toddlers between 1 – 2years, the admission fee is S$18. Parents go in free. I think that the fees are pretty reasonable given that the premise is kept clean and the toys that you find there aren’t too shabby. During our time there, I noticed that the staff were very attentive as well. They were either helping to clean up the area or packing up the toys when they see that the children are done playing with them. We find them occasionally checking in on the little kids and role-playing along with them as well. It’s a pretty neat environment to be in and one that I wouldn’t mind going back to for play-dates with other little ones.

As with most indoor playgrounds etiquette, do remember to bring a pair of socks not only for your little one but also for yourself if you are planning to be running alongside with them.



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