Checking out: Stamping Ground Coffee

There’s a new cafe that recently opened up in the hood. So one Sunday morning, we trooped in early and bright for some brunch before the crowds descended.

Stamping Ground Coffee used to be located at Club Street and was THE hole in the wall cafe best known for its cold brews (according to this article by Silver Kris magazine). They recently moved to a bigger location along Upper East Coast Road and stepping inside the cafe that has a florist featured alongside felt extremely inviting and peaceful. Perfect start to signal a lazy Sunday morning.

The Man is now a frequent patron of Stamping Ground Coffee (usually starting his mornings with a latte and a croissant) after dropping the Bub at school and me at work. So I basically left it to him to do the ordering.


Verdict on the coffee? Well, it packs a punch. I’m not connoisseur but I doubt it went very wrong as the beans used are from Papa Palheta’s. Quality assured for sure. The Man tried the Cold Brew with Coconut Water and he said it was refreshing. Separately, I tried it myself too but with Almond Milk. I thought it wasn’t too bad but after the drink settled down in my tummy, it didn’t quite agree with it. Maybe it was just me.

Love this accidental shot that I captured of the Man attempting to read the important news of the week in FT to Bubba. I guess she humoured him which made him very happy. Little girls will always have a special place in their Daddy’s hearts I guess.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe had the Mushroom Toast which as you can tell didn’t wait for any pictures to be taken. It was very cheesy with slices of mushrooms hidden underneath. The Man claimed this entire dish to be his which was fine by me for I rather tuck in the other sandwich.


This to me was far much better! Half boiled egg over cheese and bacon jam which was super delicious by the way. I obviously didn’t really want to share any with the Man nor the kid. She was far more interested in her snacks.

Looking forward to coming back to Stamping Ground Coffee again. It’s already a fave hangout of the Man and I’m just dying to try the Spam Cubes which is only available on Friday and Saturday evenings.



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