Off to Universal Studios Singapore

I brought the Bub to Universal Studios when it was closed for my company’s event but the park had been way too crowded and our experience was marred by an unpleasant incident due to over-crowding. So since school was closed for Bub on a Friday, I suggested making it a family day out for us.

img_6337Bubba was somewhat excited for I kept asking if she wanted to see Elmo. We even brought along props this time round! Her little Big Bird stuffed toy and her fairy wand so that she can pretend she’s Abby too.

For a Friday morning, USS was pretty packed with tourists. A day pass to USS cost S$74 and we decided to get the annual pass instead of just rushing through all the attractions / rides and tiring not only the Bub but also ourselves. Entry for kids under 4 is free so the annual pass is mainly for just the Man and myself. I guess we can make it a date-night as well to try out all the rides. Yes, I admit I am a amusement-park junkie.

img_6348One of the early highlights for Bubba at USS (after we sorted out our annual passes and renting the stroller) was getting up-close with the Woodpeckers. The pair was so sweet and even obliged the little one with a big hug which left her beaming. Throughout the day, she kept asking us to go look for Woody Woodpecker (who happened to be one of my fave cartoon characters as well growing up).

First order of the day was to settle lunch early. We had wanted to catch the Sesame Street show and that was happening at 11.45am so we decided to head over to Mel’s dinner to get a quick bite before heading for the show. Well, don’t expect stuff to come cheap at an amusement park but I thought S$10 for a meal of chicken nuggets shaped like dinosaurs with friends, a bottle of apple juice plus a commemorative toy straw was rather decent. Bubba couldn’t finish the meal too so we shared.

img_6393Taking the opportunity to entertain the kid before she gets entertained by the characters. I still believe that there’s a child in each of us and going to the amusement park tends to bring out the little one in us.


There aren’t many rides that Bubba can take and having been to USS before, I knew she really enjoyed the Sesame Street show which I thought length-wise (duration of 15 minutes) was just nice for her. I also heard that they don’t change the content of the show so chances are that we adults will be bored but for the kids, they wouldn’t know the difference until they are much older.

After the show, we found ourselves wandering to Hollywood (where the other Sesame Street stage show) took place. I couldn’t help but peered my neck out to check out the Transformers Ride and at this point, the Man asked me to go ahead and go on the ride (by myself) while he looks after Bubba. Yay!

Being a single-rider does have its advantages! The usual waiting time for popular rides can go up to 90 minutes or more but I was in and out of the ride within 20 minutes! That’s not too bad right?

And during that time, Bubba requested for her milk and managed to get a shot with Bert. I bet she would loved to have taken a picture with Elmo or Big Bird but according to the Man, they were nowhere to be seen. I also asked a couple of the park staff if there were specific timings that the characters would come out to take pictures with the visitors and they said that there were no specific timings, the characters would just appear throughout the day. Looks like we gotta come back again!

We also brought the Bub to catch the Lights, Camera and Action show hosted by Steven Spielberg which ended up to be a special effects show that left her crying as we walked out of the theatre. There was fire, water, thunderstorms and lightning and that entire combo was just too much for her to handle. But thankfully, she calmed down pretty fast after we reassured that we were there and even complimented her for being brave. I just hope the incident won’t scar her for she keeps talking about the ‘big fire’ now.

Bubba loved the Madagascar Boat Ride previously so we let her take the ride. By then she was already feeling slightly buzzed and tired by the entire day’s happenings. So when we insisted that she take the Merry-Go-Round, she was all excited at first.

But by the time the ride ended, she was feeling all hot and bothered. And that was our cue to head on home.

img_6358Didn’t take her very long to knock out in her car-seat and that nap lasted almost a good 3 hours!

Looking forward to our next USS trip with the little one to explore other unconquered territories as well as that date-night that’s hopefully filled with thrills! Hehe..


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