Takazawa x Odette

Date nights seem to be far and few these days but we try to squeeze in time away from the Bub to indulge in our fave past-time… eating and we headed back to our fave restaurant – Odette for this amazing four-hands dining experience that Chef Julien had teamed up with Chef Yoshiaki  Takazawa from Chef-Patron restaurant in Tokyo.

img_5390This turned out to be one of the best four-hands dining experience that we had so far. Or at least for me. I loved the Japanese influence that was featured prominently in many of Chef Takazawa’s dishes and I was pleasantly surprised that Chef Julien’s culinary style had somewhat evolved to the next level. I let the pictures do the talking now.

img_5389To start, we were treated to a platter of Snacks that comprised the ‘Vadouvan’ Oyster, Saba ‘Kueh’ Pie Ti (Chef Julien’s creation) and Ratatouille and Pepper Crab (Chef Takazawa’s creations). The Ratatouille was like a work of fine culinary art with each vegetable meticulously placed. Never quite seen anything like this before.

There were several highlights to the meal which I was stuff when we were halfway there. The couple that I enjoyed the most from Chef Takazawa’s part of the dinner was this Scallop ‘Spagetthi’ and Uni.

img_5397It was super delicious. The noodles were fashioned out of scallop puree and cooked so simply with just a dash of salt. The decadent uni that rested atop the noodles were a great accompaniment to the dish. Nothing too fancy but it resulted in a lasting impression indeed.

img_5403One of Chef Takazawa’s signature dishes that is served in his Tokyo restaurant is this Fish & Chips that showcased an interesting take on the British classic. Underneath this crisp edible paper with words stamped using squid ink, there were small squares of deep-fried cod fish, potato best eaten with foams of ponzu, vinegar and seaweed mayo. The presentation surpassed the taste factor for sure on this dish.

img_5408My picture on Chef Takazawa’s take on the Night Safari didn’t do much justice. We were served with skewers of exotic meat – Frog Legs, Kangaroo Meat, Crocodile Meat and lastly Quail. This was the Chef’s interpretation after visiting Singapore’s Night Safari. Not pictured here was an elaborate display of leaves and other decorative items used to recreate a scene right out of Night Safari. It was fun dish that relied rather heavily on the aesthetics of raw finishing with some of the guests donning on neon bangles as a decorative piece while taking small nibbles off the meat (instead of behaving like Tarzan).

img_5405On to Chef Julien’s contribution to this stunning dinner.

img_5393His beetroot variation is always one of my favourite dishes where I’m still amazed how beetroot can actually be served in different ways and yet still taste so yummy.

img_5401The Black Egg was a new creation that paid homage to a seemingly simple ingredient – the Egg except there was nothing simple in this. The somewhat half-cooked egg was sandwiched on potato puree that was black using charcoal and a thin charcoal crisp topped with decadent caviar was simply umami! In terms of creativity, I would say something really different from Chef’s usual style. In terms of flavour? It was absolutely delicious.

img_5392The Lobster Riveria was a lovely light dish of thinly cut lobster slices garnished with a green pea velouté and served with a chilled dashi broth. It wasn’t too heavy and was a nice lead-in to the other meat dish that was to follow.

img_5412And to end the meal, we had two desserts from the two different chefs. Chef Takazawa’s Blue Cheese-Cake desert had an interesting twist to the cheesecake. It looked like a slab of blue cheese served with parma ham. The parma ham bit was right but the blue cheese? It’s actually a cheesecake that used blue cheese as one of it’s key ingredients. The green specks were actually pistachio nuts. This dessert was rather interesting for the explosion of sweet and savoury really came together in just one bite.

img_5415I much preferred Chef Julien’s Lemon Tart. Well, call me biased but I have yet to come across any bad lemon tart yet and this creation by him has gotta be one of the prettiest deconstructed lemon tarts that I’ve eaten. Definitely the perfect ending to the stuffed meal that we had.

Coincidentally, Singapore has just revealed the list of Michelin restaurants and we couldn’t be happier to learn that our favourite French restaurant has been awarded with 2 Michelin stars! Truly deserving and we are so glad to be part of Chef Julien’s culinary journey through it all. 🙂


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