Lucky 7 Sparky Boy!

IMG_4703The Mom guilt is real! I was archiving my photos and I realised that I did not do up a post for Sparky! Yikes! In between work, managing a sick child (yup, the Bub is running a fever and is sick, again) and celebrating Sparky’s birthday, it slipped my mind to do this for him. Well, not that it mattered to him for he won’t be able to read it, but it did bother me for a bit for I felt bad for neglecting him.

IMG_4709Of course, you can imagine the cake-cutting ceremony and the entire birthday celebration for an impatient dog who looks like he has not aged a day was mayhem. We did not manage to take any decent pictures at all. That’s despite us telling Sparky to sit and stay while holding his delicious wild salmon grain-free barkday cake from The Snoring Dog Bistro in front of his face.

IMG_4719Happy 7th Barkday to our lovely Sparky boy! Like I said, you don’t look like you have aged a single day. Our wish is for you to be healthy always! Thanks for being our ever loyal and patient best friend to us and your little human sis.

xoxo: Daddy, Mummy and Mei-Mei


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