Building a mini library

Following our post on Books we love, we started building a small collection of books that Bubba now loves. I don’t think she has acquired the bookworm status yet but she does have a keen interest in books. I’ve seen her in action in school when she quietly sits in the reading corner flipping her book or she would ask her teacher for the book which they have been reading for the week. We do keep one or two books stashed around the car to keep her tiny hands busy on car-rides as well (usually picture books).

As for the bedtime routine of reading a book before we go to bed, we try. When there is time before her milk feed, I usually plonk her on our bed and let her pick out three – four books that we will try to read before she heads off to sleep.

img_3200The small tray that we used to store her favourite books is no longer sufficient, so we got round to buying a new bookshelf for her. We got this shelf from KidKraft in yummy rainbow colours that kinda fitted our bedroom theme. Bubba doesn’t exactly have her own room yet, we practice co-sleeping and so furniture for the Bub pretty much fit into our current colour scheme without us doing a major room makeover for her. I personalised the bookshelf a little by adding this sweet confetti tassel that we got from The Little Bow Co. This item is not just used as a decorative piece but also doubles-up as an aid for me to teach Bubba to identify the different colours. This bookshelf from Kid Kraft is really quite sturdy (the Man fixed it up with minimal fuss – usually he would be swearing at me if I get too complicated pieces of furniture) and can store quite a lot of books. 15 – 20 books at last count.

Sharing some of Bubba’s current favourites that we started to read to her when she was about 18 months:

We adore this series by Ashley Evanson that came recommended by Mama Mag. Each board book is beautifully illustrated bringing to life the cities that both the Man and I love to life for Bubba with a simple learning concept for her to learn about colours, numbers, shapes and the understanding of opposites.

Her fave of the 4 books is New York: A book of colours. I was reading this practically every night to her when the Man did a business trip to the Big Apple. She would ask me ‘Where’s Daddy?’ and I would tell her Daddy is in New York. I then sat her down in bed and flipped through this particular book with her. By the time we are done with book, she could point out the different colours as well as the different famed sights around the city. Occasionally, she would pick out the Paris: A book of shapes too for me to read to her. I’m secretly hope she will fall in love with the city of lights and who knows surprise the Man and I if she were ever able to point out the attractions if we bring her to Paris next time. 🙂

Bubba also loves animals very much so books that feature a strong animal theme would often be the book of the night when we do get some time for reading before bed.

The Tiger Who Came to Tea is a book recommended by a friend because she thought that Bubba would love it since the little girl in the book is also called Sophie and she was right! Bubba loved the book and would often help to finish off the sentences of the book for me. Well, she can’t quite remember all the lines but she would know how to read out ‘Sophie, Mummy, Daddy, Tiger’ plus some other words as I narrated the story to her. Now that she’s slightly older, I’ve noticed that once I read the book to her once, she prefers to take the book from me and would flip the book on her own. Along the way, she would point to the pictures and read out portions of the story that she could remember often finishing with a loud ‘The End!’ to let me know that she’s done with her bedtime story.

Another fave of hers is I Love Animals, Flora McDonnell (another recommendation by Mama Mag). On our trip to Japan this year, it was the only book that she kept asking us to read time and again. She practically memorised the entire story and all the animals with minimal prompting from us by the end of our 5-day trip. I was suitably impressed.

Cultivating and nurturing a love for reading is important for me as I recalled being quite the bookworm when I was much younger so naturally, I hope Bubba would love to read to. I’m now on a hunt to add more books to our growing library so if you have other fun titles that are suitable for toddlers, please do share them with us.

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