Finding Dory

img_3285It started out with this cup from Boost Juice that Bubba first got acquainted with Dory – the character from Finding Dory. Thereafter, she got really excited when we mention Finding Dory or when she comes across any Dory-related merchandise.

So yesterday, when she woke up at about 7am in the morning and I was pretty much at a loss on what to do with her (in order to exhaust her sufficiently before her lunch and nap). I suggested bringing her to watch “Finding Dory”!

Well, to be honest, a couple of my friends who have toddlers around Bubba’s age have already been to the cinema. I heard that the plot for Finding Dory is way simpler than Finding Nemo, so I was hopeful. I thought perhaps with the darkened room and wide-screen, she would be fascinated with what she’s actually watching and that would be a compelling reason for her to sit still throughout that 103 minutes show.

The Man had been sitting on a fence with this decision. After all, we did try letting her sit through Finding Nemo at home. But she got bored after 10 minutes into the movie, preferring to jump on our bed and run around the room. So when I suggested a movie-date, he wasn’t exactly all thrilled. But when we broke the news to the Bub that we are bringing her to watch Finding Dory. She squealed and went to pick out matching family tees for the date, I knew the Man’s heart melted almost instantly.

img_4054Okay, sushi tees not quite appropriate for the movie but it made for a fun family shot! We totally up the cheesy factor for this.

img_4040When Bubba saw this huge Finding Dory poster, she screamed out DORY, turned around and dished out this wide smile. Aww…Alright little one, so what’s the game plan? First, we chose a morning screening and we were lucky because the Golden Village cinema at Great World City seemed relatively empty. Hall was only half-filled so that mean that Bubba could run around and not bother the rest of the patrons if she simply could not sit still. I have to think about contingency plans right?

img_4047Next, I packed loads of snacks as well as a packet of apple juice for Bubba so that she could totally relate to the whole movie and popcorn/ snacking experience. She had a separate snack bowl that I filled up with goldfish crackers and some of our salted and sweet popcorn. She totally enjoyed our popcorn over her goldfish crackers.

So how did the Bub fare for her first ever movie experience? She didn’t quite enjoy sitting on her booster seat as it didn’t feel secure so she ended up sitting on both the Man’s lap and my lap. For the first part of the movie, she was really, really excited when she saw Dory on the blue-screen. She shouted Hello Dory! and almost could not stop smiling at the fish. It was such a cute sight to witness. How did my little baby become this little girl in just 2 years?

Of course, all the excitement lasted all of 40 minutes or so. Thereafter, she was not contented with all the different snacks that I whipped out from my magic bag. She wanted to be let down to run around. The Man who sat by the aisle had to walk up and down with her. She also ran around the front of the hall. I reckoned we probably got the evil eye from some of the parents but I hope they understand because most of them were with their little ones as well. I took over parent watching duty 5 minutes before the movie ended so I don’t quite know what happened even though it was a happy ending as with most Pixar movies.

Now, question is whether it was worth bringing Bubba who probably did not look like she understood any bit of the movie for the movie?

Well, yes!

We thought she would not remember anything but we were wrong. After we dropped her at my mom’s place, she told my mom about Daddy bringing her to watch Finding Dory. She also shared the story of Finding Dory with her grandma.

Here’s a snippet of our convo just before she went to bed on the movie:

Me: Sophie, who bring you go watch ‘Finding Dory’?

S: Daddy and Mummy! Dory lost her Daddy and Mummy. So poor thing!

Me: Oh dear! Then what happened?

S: She go find her Daddy and Mummy.

Me: With who? Nemo and Marlin?

S: Yes.

Me: So you must be careful ok? When you go out with Daddy and Mummy, must always hold our hands. Otherwise you will be sad if you lost us right?

S: Yes.

Me: Did Dory find her Daddy and Mummy in the end?

S: Yes. Hooray!


With that, she went off to bed with Dory finding it’s way on our bed with the rest of her toys.


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