Celebrating Magical Two

Arh the birthday party! We did a simple one in school because as much as I love the idea of parties, I sometimes think it takes too much of a work to plan and organise one. So until the Bub is slightly older, have more friends, then we may warm up to the idea of holding one.

Now to hold a party in school, we thought it would be fun as Bubba spends most of her days in the week in school anyway and it would be oh-so-cute to have the little ones gather around her to sing her birthday song. So pretty much all of my party energies were focussed on just planning for her little party in school and yet things still didn’t go quite as planned.

The Theme : Magical Two

To be honest, I suck at coming up with themes. I was deciding between a unicorn theme, a stars theme and then a floral theme mainly because of a dress that I had customised using my fave Liberty floral print. Then I went to customise a cake topper for Bubba from UrbanLil which was adorned with stars. Let’s not even get started on the cake, because I was kinda indecisive with the theme, I eventually told Mayvis from the Pastel Pantry to go with a floral and stars related decor. Thankfully, she managed to exceed my expectations (more on that to follow).

So while moaning over the lack of a specific theme in a Mama group chat, Mama Libby suggested Magical as a theme and suddenly everything made sense and fell in place. So yes, just days before her actual birthday, Bubba’s Magical Two party was all set to go.

Tip: If you are organised and want everything to suit a specific theme then plan way in advance and once you have settled on a theme, don’t be easily swayed. Or if you are as indecisive as me, then go for a broad-based theme where virtually anything may just suitable.

The Goody Bag

Bubba has received different types of goody bags from her little classmates in school and they range from wet bags, puzzles, colouring books as well as snacks. Last year for her first birthday smash cake celebration, I did a simple goody bag of feeding spoons, baby-friendly snacks and snack box. This year, for her classmates, I did a fun pack that the little ones can probably use at home for play.

Goodie Bags and Striped Tags: Dreams and Confetti
Crayola Ultra-Washable Crayons: We got a carton off Amazon
Child-friendly tattoos: Ducky Street 

Picture of what goes inside the goody bag. I was worried that the parents would think that the tattoos aren’t suitable for the kiddos, so I decided to print an informational sheet of how the tattoos actually work and how easy it is to remove them.

As for the party-ware, I got some really lovely striped and polka-dotted paper plates from Weirdo Kate (thanks to a recommendation by Mama Libby) on top of other cute homeware for the home. The sweet lady boss also threw in some complimentary forks on top of my order. Perfect cos everything matched! 🙂

The goody bags for Sophie’s little friends at school! I did a spot of crafting too on the tags. Wasn’t sure of my handwriting so stamped the tags with a simple ‘Sophie is Two’ text.


Feels like no party is complete without balloons! Okay, maybe it’s just be but balloons do add to the festive cheer and atmosphere. We got a number 2 to mark her birthday off a balloon shop near the home. For that single numeral balloon, I paid close to S$30 for it. The Man balked when I told him the cost of one single balloon.

But thanks to a recommendation from Miss Ene, I got the Unicorn Balloon Bouquet from Party Wholesale Centre for under S$30. It was practically a steal for balloons these days! Best part? The collection point was pretty close to home so it was a breeze picking the balloons up before going to school.

Tip: I learned that these balloons can be ‘recycled’! So once they loose their shape, simply insert a straw to remove excess air from balloon. Flatten and store. Should you choose to re-use the design, just bring it to a store who would charge for the fee of filling up the balloon with the helium. I’m guessing it would cost a lot lesser than the balloon itself.

IMG_2997The Cake

Or rather the cakes for the little one’s celebration! We had a total of three cakes. One for a celebration with my family, another for the school and the last for an intimate party on the Bub’s actual birthday.

The first was a Rainbow Cake from Prima Deli for this would fit into the Magical theme. And, okay, I was slightly obsessed with Rainbow cakes during this time. A friend had shared that she had recently tried the Rainbow Cake from Prima Deli and it was surprisingly light and not overly sweet. Perfect for us as my family members are exactly too big on sweet stuff. We got a 600g cake for under S$50 which fed 3 kids and 6 adults plus extra.

IMG_3238Cake : The Pastel Pantry
Customised ‘Sophie is 2’ topper : Urban L’il

For the cake which I splurged specially for school, I ordered a 6 inch cake which had 4 layers of chocolate, vanilla and strawberry buttercream decorated with edible gold stars and baby’s breath from The Pastel Pantry. Mayvis was so patient with helping me come up with the design as I kept changing my mind about the theme and then I couldn’t make up my mind about the flavours of the cake. But eventually, we agreed on the look-and-feel of the cake.

At first sight, the Man saw the pic of the cake and went “It looks a little adult for a kiddo!” But after placing the customised ‘Sophie is 2’ stars topper on the cake, everything fell into place. It was a simple cake but an oh-so-pretty one.

IMG_3262Poor kiddo had an allergic reaction to a mozzie bite and this resulted in her entire right eye being all so swollen just 2 days before her actual birthday. The swelling did go down a little by the time we celebrated her birthday in school. It’s like a little pirate turned up for the celebration (fitting of the one size fits all ‘Magical’ theme).

IMG_3264I took half a day off off, had a quick lunch with the Man, picked up another cake, the balloons and headed back home to pick up the cake plus the goody bags for the school. I thought I had it all planned out but when we reached the school, I realised (to my horror), I forgot THE BIRTHDAY OUTFIT (which I had so meticulously planned) and my camera. Sobs.. the Man simply rolled his eyes at me and no, he wasn’t going to drive me home to pick those up. So, oh well, the birthday cutting ceremony with her pals were then done in school in her uniform.

IMG_3267I guess it wasn’t all that bad. The Bub had a blast being the centre of attention for a bit. Her little pals wolfed down and enjoyed her birthday cake while she was just busy making sure everyone had cake. This cake despite looking small managed to feed 8 kids and almost 8 adults. The portions were just nice for a light afternoon tea break. And phew, thanks to her teachers who captured these candid moments as well. Otherwise, my iPhone pictures didn’t turn out all that bad. Just wished we had a family picture but this video that I put together of her school celebration is actually quite cute!

Chocolate Cake: Little House of Dreams (voucher redemption from Honest Bee giveaway)
Customised ‘Sophie is 2’ topper : Urban L’il

On her actual birthday, I had won a S$50 voucher from Little House of Dreams in an IG contest hosted by Honest Bee. Since we were all ‘caked’ out by then, I decided to redeem it for a little chocolate cake for a cozy home celebration.

Size-wise, the cake was great for 5 of us. We aren’t big on sweets and turns out so is the Bub, so we each had a sliver of the cake to mark the occasion.

And this concludes our post on Bubba’s Magical Two celebration. I hope you enjoyed reading it as much I had fun putting the little bits of her celebration together. All that’s left now is to enjoy her terrible Terrific Twos and then crack my head again come 12 months later.



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