Letter to Sophie @ TWO

[A note penned by the Man to his little girl]

Dear Sophie,

How time flies, in a blink of an eye, u are going to turn 2! It’s your Favourite number I think. Daddy been thinking and reflecting a lot about the promises that I made for u at your first birthday and our journey this year. Here are my thoughts…

Year 1 : I have promised to give u time and teach u patience.

Time… It’s never enough but I really tried my best. U are one of the major deciding factors for me to take time of work this year.. Thank u for that. I would give daddy a Star for this 😀

Patience …  This year has made me realise that we both need to learn how to do this better 🙂 I will have to learn to be more patient with you. Daddy is very much looking forward to our Father/Daughter trip in September. I’m sure we will both learn a lot about each other then. And will cultivate our patience for each other.

For your 2nd year present, I have made a little video of our past 12 mths together and I promise that to upgrade our little dates every year during your birthday to little Father and Daughter trips every years!

And all I want from u is the following.. Just want u to grow up happy and healthy! Enjoy your childhood, I know I’m enjoying yours!

Love u forever,


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