Pinterest worthy craft idea : Cupcake Mobile

I’m no craft Mama and given the limited time I have on hand these days, I’m just thankful for Mama friends who are super creative by nature. One such Mama is my dear friend – Mama Libby (am sure she needs no introduction) – who shared this pinterest craft idea and helped bring it to life.

Presenting the Cupcake Mobile with the cutest Cupcake Crusaders! 🙂

img_0333On the right is the cupcake mobile that Mama Libby did for her Bub – Sophie Rose. This Mama definitely gets A++ for effort. She painted the top part of the Little Tikes Cozy Coupe in a shade of pink, sprayed the craft foam on top of the vehicle, added a pink ball so that it looks like the cherry topping and for the finishing touch, stuck confetti dots on the top part of the vehicle so that it looks like a cupcake with sprinkles from far.


Inspired with this idea, I enlisted her help to dress up the Little Tikes Princess Cozy Coupe (limited edition) that we purchased second-hand in a pretty decent condition. The Man is a stickler when it comes to toys for the Bub and I forgot to add that he’s slightly OCD so he would scream at me if Bubba’s toys are lying around in places which he finds them being an eye-sore. He was on a verge at screaming at me when I showed him the pic of the Little Tikes car.  I knew he would disapprove but I also knew Bubba would be pleased with this new upcycled toy, so I went ahead with it.

One Saturday afternoon, I invited Mama Libby and Sophie-Rose over to our place. When the girls were busy playing, we tanked up on some bubbly. Mama Libby then helped to ‘whip’ up the craft foam cream for the ‘cupcake’ topping and we waited for about an hour for it to dry. As for the ‘cherry’ topping, it’s recommended that you get a ball-pit ball (size is just perfect) to place it on top the craft foam.  Don’t do what I did, I actually went to buy am 8-inch ball from Daiso thinking that it would be the right size, obviously that got Mama Libby and myself laughing into stitches as it was too huge for the vehicle.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnother shot of the topping for the cupcake mobile.

Next, to complete the look, I ordered some removable decals from Urban Lil . These are actually meant for the walls but since I’m not allowed to touch our walls, they doubled up as stickers for this cupcake mobile project. If you are keen to order this, I got them in Confetti dots (pink, mint and gold) as well as Rainbow Sprinkles (pink, blue, mint and yellow).

Time to dress up the mobile and put the finishing touches to the toy car. Tip, this makes for a good Mama and Bubba activity as you could get your little one to help paste the stickers on the vehicle. Good for motor-skills training plus you could teach your little one a thing or two about shapes and colours! 🙂

I didn’t get round to doing so as Bubba was taking her nap and I wanted to surprise her with the cupcake mobile when she wakes up so I decided to stick the decals on to the vehicle on my own.

I obviously got a little too excited about sticking those stickers all over the vehicle. Oh well, we are going for the heavily-sprinkled cupcake effect for this vehicle then.

IMG_1351Nothing beats the joy of watching the Bub’s face light up when she saw her new vehicle complete with sprinkles. She was more interested in trying to peel off the decals but I stopped her. Thereafter, she went inside her cupcake mobile and dished out her smile of approval for this ‘new toy’!

Thanks Mama Libby for your help in this Pinterest Craft Project! We sure had fun! It’s time to bring this out for the girls to play together in the hood. Hehe… 🙂



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