Oh me oh my!

img_2792Poor Bubba! We recently found out that she has pretty sensitive skin and would get horrid scratch marks from the mozzie bites that she would occasionally get in school. 😦  I picked her up from school on Monday evening and her teacher shared that she had a mosquito bite on her right eye. I had hoped that it would subside on Tuesday but that was not the case.


In fact, it got a lot worse! The poor Bub could barely open her eyes this morning. We sent her to the doctor and got some antihistamine as well as an eye cream for her. Just praying and hoping that the swelling will come down so that she could enjoy the little birthday celebration that we have planned for her. Talk about a spanner being thrown into the wheels, but guess what? That’s life!

img_3174And when life gives you lemons what do you do? Try to make the most out of it I guess. Or in Bubba’s case, look fashionably stylish with a cool pair of shades to mask the huge bite.



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