Weekend breakfast ideas

I wish I could spend more time in the kitchen coming up with creative ideas for Bubba’s meals but I admit, I do get a little lazy when it comes to the actual cooking. So I try my best to only whip up any meals over the weekend. Not all weekends of course but we or rather the Man had an inspiration to make breakfast so lucky us all. 🙂

The MIL had just returned home from Perth and had brought home a box of avocados. So the inspiration for our breakfast was to use up all these avocados before they go bad. There was a recipe for an Avocado Bomb that had been circulating around Facebook but deep-fried avocado does sound a little funky so we went back to basics. This meal was a simple baked avocado cup with egg some rosemary, thyme, cracked pepper, salt, grated cheese and some parma ham.

You may be wondering why didn’t we just place an entire egg in the avocado cup instead of scooping a beaten egg into the avocado. Well, according to the Man, the halved avocado isn’t huge enough for the entire egg so he decided to improvise the recipe a little plus the baked beaten egg will apparently rise during the baking process so one can expect a light and fluffy texture. Let’s see…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe final baked product! This could possibly be my simplest easiest plated meal for the Bub along with some cheese cut-out stars. You could get this tool from Daiso.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhile the baked avocado looks pretty, does it actually pass the picky little eater’s taste-test?

Well, sort of! She noticed the stars for a bit, picked one up to play with it before deciding that poking the baked avocado was much more fun. She took a couple of tiny bites of the baked egg along with the soft avocado but after that was whining to get out of her high chair to watch Peppa Pig instead. At times like these, I can’t help but feel a little exasperated and defeated at my attempts to why even bother to beautify her food. But I guess one just needs to keep trying. One day (HOPEFULLY), all this will be appreciated.

Note, this meal can also be just as yummy for adults. We had the same for our breakfast but with more cracked pepper and salt added to it. Oh, with some baked mushrooms and cheese added to make it a power-pack breakfast.

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