Bubba tells a story

Bubba has become quite the chatty girl of late. The other day, we were watching a Carebear cartoon and she asked me what happened to the characters. So I did my best to explain to her. Minutes later, she started to narrate the plot to me. Here’s how it went:

Me: What happened to the gun? (Apparently one of the Carebears was holding a gun filled with the the Carebear stares and had dropped it out of their ship)

S: Monster take the gun.

Me: Oh dear! Then, what happened to the Lion?

S: The Lion cry. (pause for a while) So, poor thing. Oh, gosh!

I could only laugh when I heard her make up the tales. It’s pretty funny! I guess all the bedtime stories did help to spark off her imagination for that wee bit. 🙂


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