Carbo-loading with Bellamy’s Organics

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Food battles with toddlers? Hands up if you have ever been in one of these situations?

Well, it happens to us pretty often. Not that I’m proud of it but despite Bubba being on the chubby side, she does occasionally drive me crazy with how she eats her meals. But I also learn that the toddler years a time for your toddlers to learn and that time is important for them as they will learn not only about new foods but also cultivate good eating habits. So I try, I try to keep meal times relaxed and happy, and avoid food battles with Bubba. If she doesn’t eat, well, we just tank her up with milk.

Here’s what we learn about her eating habits:

  • Generally a savoury person (like me I guess), loves her salted biscuits, fries and gulps, salted pretzels
  • Will choose Pasta, Soba, Mee Suah, Bee Hoon over rice happily (kinda like me as well)
  • Loves fruits, eggs and mushrooms
  • Will eat beef, fish and loves prawns. Not too sure about chicken or minced pork for now.
  • Loves her broccoli and of late, edamame
  • Prefers to feed her self if I’m around her but will gladly let our care-givers feed her whenever the Man and I are not present

I was pretty pleased with this review that we are collaborating with Bellamy’s Organics. They sent us a hamper which consisted of the Stage 3 Formula Milk as well as a box of Organic Vegie Pasta Alphabets, a box of Organic Vegie Macaroni and (Bubba’s fave) a packet of Organic Pear and Apple Snacks.

Cooking with pasta from Bellamy’s Organics is no stranger to us. When Bubba was about 8 to 9 months, I let her try the pasta stars as well as cooked the pasta stars with a home-made veggie sauce using the Organic Brown Rice Pasta Stars from Bellamy’s Organics.

When Bubba turned one, we loved swapping her carbs with either rice, noodles or pasta using Bellamy’s Organics organic vegie macaroni. Why did we choose Bellamy’s when there are other brands available?

  1. It’s readily available in major supermarkets.
  2. I like the brand philosophy and how their products are all organic.
  3. There’s no added salt, sugar, flavours or additives. It’s good to know that Bubba is only getting the natural goodness of organic whole grains, and a few vegetables for extra measure if she doesn’t eat her broccoli that’s accompanied with her meal.
  4. The bright pasta wheels are made with a blend of organic durum wheat flour, and organic wheaten semolina, which are a source of protein and fibre.  Added to that, tomato, spinach and beetroot, to provide a meal that will delight fussy eaters!
  5. The pasta wheels come in 3 different colors (yellow, red and green- natural colours from the vegetables itself) and these add colour to the meal. It also helps to train up Bubba’s motor skills as we would ask her to pick up the different colours while feeding herself.
  6. It’s so easy to cook the pasta. Just pop them into boiling water and it’s ready in about 8 minutes. We usually serve them plain for Bubba or throw them into her veggie soup if she’s feeling under the weather. Usually nothing too fancy when it comes to serving pasta for her.

For this review, I kinda struggled because I wanted to go out of our usual comfort zone and try my hand at a new pasta recipe for the Bub. The problem is that being a working mom and rushing home after work, I don’t have time to experiment with new recipes. That said, we do have help at home who will take care of our meals.

So I trawled the internet to find toddler-friendly pasta recipes for me to jazz up Bubba’s meal but the caveat is that it has to be simple which also didn’t leave me with much room to play with. So, after thinking hard, I decided not to go too over the top simply because I know I’m dealing with a sometimes fussy and picky eater.

Presenting my simple version of Baked Cheese Pasta with Veggies for toddlers. Okay, I know it hardly sounds like its an interesting dish but I practically put this together using whatever leftover veggies (thankfully all of Bubba’s favourite) I could find. This recipe is pretty versatile as you could also throw in some canned tuna, ham or chicken slices if your little one loves those.

For this recipe, I used about 1 tablespoon of Organic Vegie Macaroni and 3 teaspoons of Organic Vegie Pasta Alphabets. I wanted a mixture of macaroni shapes in the baked pasta just to give a variety for the Bub. One would think that she wouldn’t notice the different under all that baked cheese but guess what? She did… she picked out one of the alphabet pasta and asked me ‘What’s this?‘. It was a letter B and I took the chance to go through with her some of the words that start with the letter B like Ball, Boy, Bat, etc. Interesting how food can also double-up as an educational tool! 🙂

Boil pasta as per instructions on the box and set pasta aside.

Mix chopped vegetables with the pasta and then place items into a ramekin plate. For the vegetables, I used Edamame, Baby Corn, Mushrooms and a quarter of a tomato. The tomato helps to add moisture for the pasta so that it won’t dry out during the baking process. Next, preheat oven to 180-200 Degrees Celsius.

For the cheese topping, I used the Perfect Italiano Pizza Plus Cheese (a mix of Mozzarella, Cheddar and Parmesan cheese mix readily available in major supermarkets) which thankfully achieved the desired result of a golden crusty bake. I placed the baking dish into the pre-heated oven, set the timer for about 20 minutes and it’s done when the top turns a shade of golden brown! 🙂

IMG_1310 Pretty pleased with the result! My first attempt on a pasta baked dish that’s healthy for Bubba.

IMG_1314All that’s left to do now is to put this dish to the test.. how would it fare with the little somewhat picky eater?

IMG_1319Ok, before we do that, just wanted to show a close-up pic of how the Baked Veggie Pasta turned out. Like I said previously, the diced tomatoes did add moisture to the dish plus there’s no further seasoning added so it’s really quite a healthy dish. 🙂

IMG_1323Verdict? The Bub enjoyed the dish! I wasn’t too hopeful that she would eat up the entire portion but she surprised me when she finished more than 3/4 of the plate. She conveniently removed all traces of the tomato bits when she spied them on the plate but other than that, the rest of veggies as well as the pasta, she ate them all up! As for the remainder of the dish, I ate it all up in one mouthful. Tasted pretty yummy to be honest. This recipe is for keeps and I can’t wait to try out a jazzed up version of this next time, perhaps with tuna or chicken pieces which I’m sure she will enjoy as well.

IMG_1320Thanks Bellamy’s for sending over these goodies to us! For more information on Bellamy’s Organics and their products, check them out at , their Facebook page  or follow their Instagram @bellamysorganicsg to find out more about them and their promotions/ giveaways! :)


 Disclaimer : lady J’s musings received a product hamper and a voucher from Bellamy’s Organic for the purpose of this review. All views expressed are purely of my own and written according to my experience in using this product. Any queries on the product  should be verified with the manufacturer, provider or party in question.


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