Letter to Sophie X 23 months

Dear Bubba,

How is it that we are just ONE month away to your birthday?? Where? Where? Where did all that time go? Sometimes I still can’t quite believe it… but it is always a joy being around you. Since you started talking in sentences, you started to become quite the Bossy Boots, ordering me and your daddy around. There are days where you break our hearts a little when you tell us ‘I don’t want Daddy!‘ or ‘I don’t want Mummy!‘ We try to comfort ourselves or each other that you do not mean what you say at this point in time.

img_0828I think your father likes to think of you as being quite the sporty girl. I guess that much is true as you much prefer to be outdoors running about than playing make-believe games with me despite all this cool kitchen toys that I have gotten for you. You know how that breaks my heart a little? You  have a love for speed which is why I’ve gone ahead to upgrade your skate scooter to one that’s meant for a 3-year-old. You have no fear for heights and would not hesitate climbing to go down the slide either on your own or with little supervision from your father. Again, when your Gong Gong and Por Por sees this, their hearts stop a little as well. Your dad has just signed you up for swim lessons and soccer lessons which I’m sure you will enjoy. Can’t wait to see those pics!

Again, it’s endearing to see how you are interacting with your fur-bro, Sparky. You clearly know that he will gladly eat just about everything that you don’t want to eat whether you accidentally throw it at him or purposely throw your food down on the floor during dinner time. You obviously think it’s funny even though we give you an angry glare when you do it.

Just under a month before you turn two! We are not throwing you a big party yet but you will have a birthday celebration in school plus two family gatherings to celebrate your birthday. Daddy and I are also planning to take you out to mark the occasion and just about putting the finishing touches to the plan so am hoping that the weather holds up.

Love you my little darlin’ to the Moon, back and beyond!


Muacks! Mummy

<Pardon the blur pic.. it’s almost impossible to get a proper shot with this little girl who’s interested in running all over the place!>



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