Bedtime Ramblings with Bubba

Tucking the Bub to bed is my time spent bonding with her. I don’t get many hours so that one hour odd where we either play, read books or just some imaginary chat/songs that she makes up is my special time with her.
Last night’s convo went like this (if my mombie memory doesn’t fail me):

  • The ants go drink water ok?
  • Tomorrow, go supermarket to buy fresh milk, broccoli and fruits, ok?
  • Mummy take phone and work?
  • Sophie go to sleep ok?
  • Hold my hand properly ok?
  • Sophie is hot, I don’t want to cover the blanket.
  • Sophie, go to sleep!

I know that I probably said this way too much but how quickly they grow. Just one year ago, I would have nursed her to bed or simply hug her to comfort her while she whined herself to sleep but look where we are at now, having conversations and singing songs before she drifts off to sleep. Wow…

Documenting the Bub’s milestones at nearly 23 months.. just 1 more month to go before she turns 2! Yikes!



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