From Moments to Memory

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I like taking photos. Actually with the arrival of Bubba, we have taken loads and loads of photos to capture those precious moments of her growing up. I guess as a first child, she gets quite a lot of attention and I recall my Mom doing the same for me. I had like 15 – 20 photo albums from birth till I was about close to 20 years of age. She would diligently document my milestones and capture those moments in photographs. Perhaps that trait rubbed off and I try to do this for Bubba as a Mom now.

When it comes to organising photos and storing them, I try to be diligent about backing those photos either every month or least every quarter. This was before I found out about the existence of Memom (pronounced as ‘me – mom’) – an app which cleverly organises your photos and helps recognise what are truly the key moments in your baby or child’s life.

You are probably thinking now.. ‘Do I really need another App in my already cluttered phone with 101 other apps?

Well, the answer is probably ‘Yes!’

What can Memom do for me?


Once you launch your Memom app, you can see only photos of your lovely moments with your family when you open your photo gallery. That’s a plus because you see no more random photos such as food photos, screenshots, or pictures that you took to remind yourself for some practical reasons. C’mon, admit it, you know this is true, we all have done that!

I love how the app is designed with families for young children in mind. The timeline is arranged neatly and helps keep track of each of your child’s progress. In addition, the Memom’s private photo sharing function ensures that your photos are shared securely with loved ones or the people who you wish to share with. You don’t need to worry about the privacy concerns that you might feel when you post photos on social media channels like Facebook or Instagram where you don’t know how your photos will be used.

What else can I do with Memom?

Apart from keeping your photos organised, another feature that I really like about Memom is that you can order prints, greeting cards, photo books, magnets and photo cases and phone cases directly from just the app.

This means that I can select the photos that I’ve stored in the Memom app and have them directly printed. Sure, I’ve used other Mobile Album apps like Chat Books and Sticky 9. With the former, I had to download their app and then add the photos that I wanted into the album. The whole process was tedious and not to mention I had those hair-pulling moments where the app hung and I had to reformat everything again. As for Sticky 9, the photos need to be stored in Instagram first before you can proceed with production of the magnets. I didn’t quite like that as some of the photos that I wanted to print were private and I didn’t want to upload them on my social media channels.

Ordering Greeting Cards

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThanks to this review, I had the opportunity to order some prints and greeting cards from the Memom app directly. I quite like the idea of customising the greeting cards because they really do come in handy for those moments where you need to just send a special someone a personal greeting. I had been quite adverse to putting Bubba’s face in print on cards for I was really worried about it going into the trash, but I guess if it goes out to the relatives or people who really care for Bubba, it would not end up in the bin. Plus, a personal message from the Bub (in future) will definitely be a keepsake for sure. 🙂

And all it took was about 5 minutes of my time to pick the photos that I wanted to turn them into greeting cards, add them on to the page before carting out. The steps were easy and super quick to complete by just using my mobile. Shipping is free worldwide with every purchase.

img_9231All products are currently produced in the US and it takes about 7-14 days for it to be delivered to Singapore. Ours popped up in the mail about 2 weeks later. The items were packaged very nicely and each set of greeting cards are packed in separate boxes which are great as gifts as well.

img_9233Loved how our greeting cards turned out. The one on the right with Bubba and the fur-kid came out just the way I wanted it. The finishing was a matt glossy one and each set of cards came with a set of envelopes as well. As for the Sakura cards on the left, I made a mistake during the customisation and didn’t select the layout properly – gah, it was meant to be in a landscape layout rather than a portrait, so part of the Thank You didn’t appear. That said, I’m still going to use it because the picture of the Cherry Blossom is really pretty and the word ‘You’ could mean anything in any context. 🙂

Ordering Prints from the comfort of my home

img_8511We have a photo feature wall in our home and from time to time, I like to update the frames with more recent pictures but I do find it a pain having to go down to the shop at Parkway Parade to get my photos printed. With this feature on the Memom app, I no longer have to do that.

img_8508Current sizes available for print are in the classic 4R and the square print which is 12.5cm X 12.5cm. Each set comes in 10 prints and I decided to order the 2 different sizes to see how they would turn out. The classic 4R size is great for the frames on our photo wall while the square prints are great for layouts that I use to upload photos on Instagram.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAgain shipping is free worldwide and it took about 10 working days before the package popped up at our door-step. Prints were packaged nicely and not dented in the mailing process, don’t you hate it when that happens?


One thing to note is that you can’t choose the finishing for the prints as they are all going to be in glossy finish. Also, I think it’s important that when you upload the photos to be printed, try to ensure that they meet a certain resolution quality otherwise your prints may turn out pixellated. Other than that, it’s a good fuss-free way to get your photos printed without leaving your home. Hehe..

Instant sharing now possible

When I met up with the lovely Waki (the beauty and the brains behind Memom ), she added that there will be new features that she will be launching for Memom real soon.

One of the new add-ons is the Instant share feature which you can now invite your spouse to see your child’s timelines and photos to comment on them. As a partner to the group, he/she can also edit and delete photos. You can also issue out invitations to your parents/ loved ones and create groups as an Admin so that they can all stay in touch and get the latest updates on your child’s milestones in pictures. These groups are secured (which I especially like) and kept with the Memom app, so it’s all kept quite private within the group.

Special offer for my readers

Now, with Mother’s Day that has just ended, I’m sure you guys have taken loads of photos to commemorate the occasion so this offer is coming in handy for you all.

Enjoy 25% off all printed products (this includes photo prints, phone cases, photobooks, magnets and greeting cards) when you key in ‘ladyjmemom‘ in the promo code. Offer valid till 27 May 2016.

Disclaimer : lady J’s musings received complimentary gift cards and photo prints from Memom for the purpose of this review.  No additional monetary rewards were given.  All views expressed are purely of my own and written according to my experience in using the products/services. Any queries should be verified with the provider or party in question.

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