Jujube Hobobe Black Out

Man… I can’t believe I fell in another rabbit hole of never-ending diaper bags. Like do I really need one now that Bubba is 2? Well, the answer is yes. I don’t know why but I tried using my tote bags (pre-Mummy days) and putting the Bub’s stuff in different bags but I find it difficult to dig for stuff when I need them. Plus there’s a danger in putting her water bottles in my bag for they end up rolling around the bag and if they are not capped properly, I end up with a wet bag. Not pleased at all when that happens.

So what does this shopaholic Mama do? Buy.another.bag!

I’ve blogged about the Jujube Perky Toki BFF previously. While it fulfilled our needs when Bubba was much younger, it didn’t quite fulfill our needs now when we bring her out for a short trip. Plus, I think I’m done with cute bags for now as bulk of my wardrobe is made up of colours. So I decided to stick with monochrome tones instead. We went to acquire the King Court BRB (also from Jujube) which I think is the perfect bag for our travels. I should do up a blog-post of what we pack for Bubba when we travel. Another time then.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAToday, I wanted to share on what I pack for Bubba when we head out (say between 3-5 hours) using the Jujube Hobobe.

It did take me a while before I eventually decided on this style. For a long time, I deliberated as I wasn’t quite sure of the size as it functioned like a sling bag which bothered me for a while as I was afraid it would be quite difficult to carry the bag and Bubba on one side (I usually favour carrying both my bags and Bubba on my left hand). But when Jujube launched the Black Onyx range recently, I couldn’t quite resist. Well, it’s black so it could virtually match my outfits. Secondly, I was lemming over the bag because it looked functional with so many useful pockets that’s perfect for organising my stuff.

Who says black bags are boring? I managed to dress up my bag with these accessories – JJB Paci Pod – and a customised key fob.

The lining of the bag.. not your boring black. Kinda like how Jujube jazzed it up the bag by adding stripes for the lining. Beyond that, can you check out just how many compartments the HBB has? Super love that I can stuff various stuff in the mesh lining pockets instead of having to dig for my stuff in the bag. The Man thinks I can pack my bags properly. Hmph!

And sharing what can go into the HBB for a 4-5 hours outing with the Bub:

  • 3 pieces of diapers plus wipes and diaper cream packed neatly in the Lucky Stars Be Set pouch
  • The Butipod carrying about 20 piece of wet wipes
  • A change of clothes packed nicely in a transparent pouch
  • Babyganics Hand Sanitise
  • Tiger Balm Insect Repellent (super handy for trips)
  • Disposable Bibs and snacks
  • Not pictured here, I will also include Bubba’s water bottle, milk bottle, 1 milk feed and her utensils for dining out.
  • The Mummy pocket holds most of my essentials such as wallet, mobile phone and keys. I even managed to squeeze in my digital camera in this bag!

At first glance, the HBB may not look like much but I say it definitely packs a punch given how much I do manage to pack inside the bag. A great bag for a short trip out with the Bub!




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