Swim Sundays

L1030576The Man has been wanting to start Bubba on swimming lessons. In fact, the weather has been so hot recently that all we really want to do is to cool off by jumping into the pool. We’ve brought the Bub swimming twice recently and she seemed to enjoy it after she found out how these arm floats are her best friend in the pool.

L1030593It makes for great Daddy and Daughter bonding time too! I was just the camera person behind the lens all the while.

As members to a club, we decided to make full use of the club’s facilities by trying to bring the Bub out for pool-time. Plus on a Sunday morning, it’s kinda quiet for a children’s pool with an amazing water slide that Bubba loves being on. The first time we brought her there and she went down the slide with the Man, she loved it so much that she repeatedly asked for more!

Last Sunday, our little daredevil surprised us by requesting to go on the slide by her ‘SELF!’. She proclaimed. The Man was hesitant and to be honest, so was I. The water slide was pretty steep and we were worried how she was going to take it when her little body hits the water in the pool. But we didn’t want to cramp Bubba’s style and we wanted her to try out everything especially when she was the one making the requests. So the Man waited by the end of the slide to catch her, while I accompanied her up the steps to the top of the slide. She did make her way down but the speed down the slide plus the sudden plunging of her little body into the water did shock her a little. There were no cries but when we asked if she wanted to go up the slide again, her response was ‘No.’ I gotta applaud her bravery for going down on her own and hope she wouldn’t be scared of water slides after this incident.

Swim time of our little Bub is usually capped at 30 minutes. She usually screams when we try to pull her out and dry her up before hitting the shower. Well, she must really love the water. I would have love for her to go swimming more regularly but unfortunately, she has fallen ill twice after swimming over the weekend. I’m just hoping it’s a coincidence.

Till the next swim time then, I’m pumping the Bub up with vitamins to boost her immunity then. Third time’s a charm!


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