Bellamy’s Organic Formula Milk – What Bubba drinks

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Bubba was exclusively breast-fed till about 8.5 months and that was then when we decided that it’s best to introduce Formula Milk into the mix. I was actually quite sad when I had to stow away my breast-pump but I knew that it’s for the best in terms of ensuring that she get the sufficient nutrients as well as for me, it was getting a little too stressful trying to meet up the demands.

We did try various brands of Formula Milk out there but we decided that Bellamy’s Organic was the one that we wanted to stick with and we pretty much remained loyal to the brand. So I practically jumped for joy when Bellamy’s Organic selected us for this review for we are already firm users to the brand and could not wait to share why we choose Bellamy’s Organic for Bubba.

Why Bellamy’s?

Simply because Bellamy’s offers a pure start to life for babies and young children everywhere, and they are passionate about promoting healthy eating practices for children. Their credentials in this endeavour are unmatched.

Bellamy’s Organic is a Tasmanian-based company. They produce only 100% Australian made organic baby milk and baby foods using only the finest ingredients and NASAA, the nation’s leading organic body, certifies all their products. It was also one of the first brands to offer an organic baby formula range to Australian and now Singaporean mothers who are unable to breastfeed due to health reasons.

Why bother choosing Organic?

Choosing Bellamy’s certified organic baby formulas and foods starts your baby off on a path to healthy mindful eating so that they continue to grow into healthy happy children.

Organic baby products, just like organic food in general, are a good choice when you want a natural product that hasn’t been produced with harmful chemicals, but it’s even more important that babies get an organic, pure start to life, without harmful toxins in their diets.

This is because, being small, babies’ organ systems are still developing and maturing, and as a result, are less able to deal with a range of chemicals and environmental pollutants. These toxins, which cannot be processed properly by young bodies, can lead to further health problems as they grow up, including allergies, immune system disorders, and potential impairment of cognitive functions.

This is one of the reasons why we decided that on Bellamy’s Organic as the primary brand of Formula Milk for Bubba. She’s probably going to be exposed to different types of food when she grows up so we want to start her off on the right food and let her body absorb the important nutrients first.

Are organic products more expensive? 

Contrary to popular belief that going organic is always more expensive than choosing mainstream brands, I really beg to differ. In fact, when we selected Bellamy’s Organic as the main brand for the Bub’s Formula Milk, I had friends asking me why choose Bellamy’s Organic for it’s more expensive and not as readily found in many places?

I did research on that and found that the price per can of Bellamy’s Organic milk powder is just about the same price as other household brands out there. In fact, I found the pricing to be rather competitive and not as grossly over-priced as what some may believe. I won’t go into comparing pricing here but you can check online the prices.

As for the part about it being not readily found in many places. Bellamy’s Organic can be found in major supermarkets as well as online shops. We order ours from Agape Babies simply because it’s so much easier ordering 6 cans of milk and having it delivered to our home then lugging it back from the supermarket. Probably because I also like the assurance of having a steady supply of formula milk at home and only replenishing it when we are down to our last 1.5 cans of milk.


Why we ultimately choose Bellamy’s Organic!

  • It’s made from certified organic cow’s milk.
  • With 26 essential vitamins and minerals for the stage 2 of Bellamy’s Organic Formula Milk, I’m assured that Bubba will have a nutritionally balanced diet that’s 100% Australian made.
  • Interesting to note that the Toddler Formula Milk contains inulin which is a natural prebiotic fibre that helps stimulates good bacteria for a healthy digestive system.
  • Initially I was quite concerned that the formula milk by Bellamy’s Organic does not come with DHA. But after reading their FAQs, I now come to realise that these ‘extra’ fatty acids in formula are often produced using a potential neurotoxin known as hexane, which makes them unsuitable for use in certified organic products. Whilst the additives Omega-3 fatty acid DHA and Omega-6 fatty acid ARA are marketed as promoting brain and eye development it has not been conclusively demonstrated in peer reviewed research that these extra additions to formula actually provide any real benefit in healthy babies. It’s good to know that Bellamy’s will not compromise the organic status of their formulas by including additives that cannot be approved under organic certification standards, and are derived from a harsh industrial extraction process. 🙂 We prefer to just supplement Bubba’s DHA needs by purchasing additional vitamins for her instead.
  • The product contains Certified Organic Palm Oil that are not derived from farming practices that reduce rain forests or harm the habitat of orang utans.
  • Their milk tins are recyclabe with a BPA-free lid => Helps save the environment.
  • It’s readily available and cost-wise competitive for an organic product.

Now that we shared all these reasons why we picked Bellamy’s Organics, we hope that it would convince you to try them out if you are still deciding which brand of Formula Milk to go for.

If you are hoping to find a sample of Bellamy’s Organics, you would have noticed that it’s not available at all. That’s because Bellamy’s Organic voluntarily complies with World Health Organisation (WHO) recommendations, and the Marketing in Australia of Infant Formulas (MAIF) agreement, which does not support the sampling of infant formulas by manufacturers directly to parents or carers of babies.  Therefore, you won’t be able to find samples or sachets produced for Bellamy’s Organics formula.

img_6973What stage of Bellamy’s Organic is Bubba drinking?

Bubba is 22 months and technically can go on to Stage 3 of the Bellamy’s Organics Formula Milk. The Toddler Milk Drink is recommended for toddlers who are already taking full solid meals and hence act as a supplement to the broadening diet of busy toddlers.

Despite Bubba taking 3 full solid meals a day, her appetite can vary. Especially during dinner time (that’s the only time when we get to sit down and have a meal together), she doesn’t finish up the food that’s been put in front of her. Instead, she prefers to pick at her food. My mom, MIL and helper have often remarked that she eats really slowly. I wonder if that’s the same in school.

Anyway, this is the primary reason why we still kept her on Stage 2 of Bellamy’s Organic meant for babies 6 – 12 months. Perhaps I get more assurance that she is getting her nutrients from the milk powder. Thanks to this post and the complimentary tin of Toddler Milk we received from Bellamy’s Organic, we substituted one of her milk feeds with the new formula and she didn’t appear to have any adverse reaction to what she had just drank. This means that once we finish the current supply of Stage 2 of formula milk, she’s ready to move her on to Stage 3 Toddler Milk. 🙂

Next on our collab with Bellamy’s Organics is a review of some of their food products that they have sent us. Stay tuned for that!

Find out more!

For more information on Bellamy’s Organics and their products, head on down to  or visit their Facebook page to find out more about their promotions/ giveaways! 🙂


Disclaimer : lady J’s musings received a product hamper from Bellamy’s Organic for the purpose of this review. All views expressed are purely of my own and written according to my experience in using this product. Any queries on the product  should be verified with the manufacturer, provider or party in question.

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