A week in the life of a blogging Mom

How did blogging start?

I’ve started blogging since 2006 and  wow, this year would mark 10 years of my blogging journey along with my marriage. Man, 10 years just flew by like that! When I started this blog, it documented what I did during my expat wife stint in Tokyo, thereafter I switched platforms and moved on to blogging about whatever I felt like writing from food, fashion, travel and sometimes just pure whining. It became my ‘space’ to just share my thoughts to whoever who is interested to read.

What I blog about now?

I’ve now thrown in parenting into the mix and in between juggling a full-time job and an active toddler, blogging has become a little harder. That said, I still do enjoy blogging very much as this online space has somewhat become a journal of my daily musings/ ramblings. Blogging has become like a hobby for me to just to document and remember some of those precious memories that I’ve created with my loved ones. I don’t expect to earn any revenue from blogging but that said, those items that I occasionally receive to review them on my blog is like icing on the cake. 🙂

What is this blog-train about?

For the month of April, 30 parent bloggers have come together to share a glimpse of a week in their life. Ambitious project? Perhaps. But it did shed light on what really goes on behind the scenes whether you are a SAHM, PTWM, FTWM, FTWD, etc. You will soon learn how multi-tasking can be a useful skill to have with the many hats that we wear as a parent.

Snippets of my week

Here goes… sharing a week in the life of a blogging mom! One thing I realised, as much as I want it to be repetitive, it rarely is for there are things that would just crop up, so go with the flow and enjoy the ride.


3 April (Sunday)
Bubba was running a viral fever of 39 to 40 degrees and even though we fed her the meds that refused to budge away. The Man and I had just spent the wee hours at KK Hospital A&E because when I woke up to check on Bubba at 2am, she was shivering and her lips turned blue/purple. Something didn’t feel quite right so we rushed down to the hospital to have it checked out given that she had a history of fever fits. 😦 This was the first time Bubba had done a prick blood test and she was whining in pain when the nurse drew a tube of blood from her. I was really worried that she may have gotten dengue but test results were negative. She had gotten a viral fever instead and according to the doctor, her immune system just needed to ride it out.

Fever finally broke on Sunday evening and boy were we relieved.


4 & 5 April (Monday & Tuesday)
For good measure, decided to keep the Bub at home for her to fully recover before heading back to school. The MIL lives with us so she helps keep an eye on the Bub together with our helper. It’s gonna be solo-parenting for the next 10 days or so because the Man is away for work.

It’s pretty much work from 8.30am – 5.30pm and then I rush back home to spend time with the Bub. Her dinner time is around 7pm and when she finishes her meal, we usually just let her watch some TV while we gobble down our dinner. A flurry of activities follow thereafter that involve the Bub: shower, story-telling, milk feed and then she’s off to bed (hopefully between 9.45pm – 10.30pm)

img_8016We tried evacuating Bubba from our bed but we remain hopeless at that. Plus she seems to be outgrowing her cot and we don’t exactly have intention to add a new toddler bed in our room for we are happy waking up to her babbles. So yeah, she sleeps with us and since the Man isn’t around, I let her bring along some of her buddies up on our bed to join us for the sleep-over. Hehe..

6 April (Wednesday)
The day Bubba heads back to school after 4 days of staying at home. I was nervous because I was worried that she would be all clingy. As I drive to school with the Bub in her car-seat, I chant my going to school mantra which the Bub happily completed all my sentences. A tick in the box.

At school, she greeted her teachers, her friends, sat down at the table and ate her bowl of cornflakes. She waved ‘Bye Mummy!’ and I heaved a huge sigh of relief as I rushed off to work by train.

img_8066I try to get off work on time and then rush to pick Bubba up from school. This time is also rather precious to me because I get to quiz her on what she did at school and the things that she did with her friends. I do this because I really want her to have a positive experience in school and perhaps if I kept stressing on all the fun things she do in school, she will happily head there. During the drive home, we would sing silly car tunes/ nursery rhymes and it usually ends up with me making funny faces at Bubba just to entertain her if she gets too bored.

img_8069This evening’s mealtimes with the Bub was challenging for she refused to eat her rice but she polished off the pan-fried fish slices and mushrooms. So difficult to get Bubba to eat her carbs these days. Sigh.. Are meal times challenging for any Mamas out there too? Or are we raising a picky eater here? Argh!

img_809910pm – Bubba drifts off to dreamland and Mama here gets to play. I power up my Macbook and start to work on an upcoming sponsored review for the blog. Have about 2-3 blog reviews to fulfill for the month and can only work on it when the Bub sleeps. Head off to bed at about 12am after completing my 10-minute beauty regime for the night.

7 April (Thursday)
One of the most challenging days of the week where everything that could possibly go wrong just did. Argh!

First, traffic to school was just impossible! It was massive jam from our home to Bubba’s school. Next, when I dropped Bubba at school, she clung on tightly to me and refused to listen to any of my usual school chants that I have been religiously drilling. She bawled and screamed ‘I want Mummy!‘. Very reluctantly, I was running quite late for work so I peeled her little hands from my claw and just walked away leaving her teacher to deal with the crying mess. 😦

On the way to the train station, I felt super guilty, sent a text to the Man in NY and felt crappy about the whole situation. Then I tried to make myself feel better by telling myself that I have my bad days too so today just so happened to be Bubba’s bad day of the week.

Got to the office, ordered breakfast at the local eatery and got screamed at by the counter staff for not picking up my order of tea. Everyone who was waiting in the queue was just staring at me. I made a mental note not to visit the place for the next month or so. Sigh… Had to manage a photo-shoot and when I turned on the camera, the low batt indicator blinked glaringly. I prayed hard that we would have sufficient power for me to take at least 3-5 decent shots of the management before it died. Thankfully, it lasted throughout the 5-minute shoot. Phew!

img_8143Arranged for a Mama luncheon with the Mama Mala Gang trio. This time round, to check out Aloha Poke salad bar. Salad bowls were really yummy but the company was just golden. I learned having Mama friends really do help. Thankful for the pockets of time where you get to share stories of either parenting, shopping, food or anything under the sun before heading home to deal with our little toddlers. It’s probably the only time you feel like a real person with people actually understanding what you have gone/ been through. Don’t judge.

img_8163Worked through the rest of the day before rushing to pick the Bub up from school. I had planned to just head home during the 10 – 12 day hiatus that the Man was not around, but decided to head out for a nice dinner with the BFF and friends at Odette. As part of the World Gourmet Summit 2016, Chef Julien Royer had partnered Chef Arnaud Bignon from 2 Michelin-starred resturant, The Greenhouse at Mayfair in London on a special WGS Epicurean Delights menu. I stepped outside Motherhood temporarily for about 3 hours for the night with my belly happily filled with delicious food and incredible wine while the folks at home helped watch Bubba and put her to bed at about 10.20pm.


8 April (Friday)
Technically the last work day of the week except that I had to also work on Saturday to oversee a community event. Cleaned up the work for the week and rushed off to pick the Bub for an impromptu play-date/ dinner with her fave name twin.

img_8238The girls played around the sand for a little bit and the Bub was like a little dare-devil on the loose who kept wanting to go down this slide. Rounded up with a dinner with the Mamas and the Bubs at Diamond Kitchen except that my Bub refused to eat until she watched videos on You Tube.. sigh… it happens!

Dinner ended quite abruptly because of a major poop incident and then it was a mad rush to head home to shower plus get the Bub ready for bed. When the Bub slept, I packed the room a little and also the stuff needed for work the next day. It was an early morning call for me. Downloaded the latest episode of Descendants of the Sun, watched 50 minutes of it before calling it a night at 12.30am.

9 April (Saturday)
Bubba stirred from her sleep as I was prepping to go to work. The moment her eyes flew open, she whispered ‘I want watch big TV!‘. My daughter the TV addict! Thereafter, I rushed to bring her down to pass her to my helper and MIL while I rushed off to work. Was kinda beat-tired cos was on my feet from about 9am to 3pm with pockets of rest in between. Thank goodness for a simple but extremely satisfying dim sum meal.

Wrapped up and headed home at about 4pm, hit the showers and then arranged for a play-date with my cousin and the Bub’s god-parents at Gardens by the Bay to check out Tulipmania.

img_8332Check out my tired-out face, very scarily captured by my cousin-in-law using his new Samsung S7 mobile. Must add amazing photo quality but I’m still an Apple user at heart. The kiddos ran about and Bub loaned her cousin’s skate scooter for a test run. She’s quite the daredevil at heart (the Man says she’s got his athletic genes).

Had dinner at Suntec where most of the restaurants were all filled so we did a simple dinner at Hoshino Cafe before I whisked the Bub home for bed. She slept soundly while I managed to catch up on episode 14 of Descendants of the Sun. I’m usually not a K drama fan but this show has rocked the world and taken most of Asia by storm. So yeah, hopping on the bandwagon.

10 April (Sunday)
Sundays – kinda our rest day where the Man and I will either plan a morning activity with Bubba before dropping her over at my parents place and we head off for our massage. Massages are god-sent for that’s possibly the only time we get to relax fully. The Man was off on a work-trip so I dropped Bubba a little earlier at my Mom’s before taking some me-time alone. Headed to town early to run errands – got a new skate scooter for her and then indulged in a much-needed yong tau fu by myself at my favourite cafe over at Lucky Plaza.

When I was much younger, I would abhor the idea of eating alone but these pockets of me-time are now so rare that I don’t mind just eating by myself when I need to. It’s a good time to just not have to deal with any other human interaction and just enjoy being alone.

img_8393After the massage, headed back home and then spent the rest of Sunday with my family. This usually involves going to Church and dinner with the entire fam bam. My nephews are quite the riot so we usually end up making a ruckus in Church.

As the clock slowly inches to 12 midnight on Sunday, that’s when I usually get pensive. What have I achieved for the week? What will the new week bring me? I reflect on what I have done in the quiet time and as I turn off the lights, I hope for strength to soldier on and pray that the new week will go by peacefully.

How long did I spend blogging about this?

Well, this post took me nearly a week to document. I usually spend anywhere between 30 minutes to about 1 to 2 hours on a post depending on the length of the post. But for this post, I saw what some of the other bloggers did and I was floored by the amount of work that went into the post. I decided I better get my act together which was why I tried my best to document the exciting bits of the the day religiously. Otherwise, I usually get to power up my laptop only when Bubba heads to bed. I like to give myself an hour each day to either go online to surf, shop, blog as well as catch up on social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram.

weekinlife-parentblogger-510x428-12451This blog-hop idea was first mooted by Claudia from TheLovingMum and 30 other bloggers jumped on the bandwagon (some not knowing like moi what to expect and some fully aware of what the blog-entry would entail). Check out the life of 30 other families over at Week In Life of Blogging Mum and Dad linkup here.

Next, please head on over to join Kai Xin who blogs at http://bentoforlove.blogspot.sg/. As a full time mother to two boys and a part time teacher, I’m so amazed at all the yummy bento meals that she has created for her family. I’m book-marking those tips so that I can create exciting meals for the Bub in future.

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