Convos during bedtime

img_8016If I’m home, Bubba actually would want me to tuck her into bed. These days, it involves transporting her little toys from her under-utilised cot on to our bed. The whole song-and-dance last about one hour before she calls for her ‘Milk! Milk!’ with babbles in between and then finally drifting off to sleep.

I don’t see it as a chore and while she still wants me to hug her and tuck her in, I do cherish these moments. There will come a day where she will think it’s no longer cool for me to tuck her in.

As I turn off the lights, Bubba would go ‘It’s dark! Dark! Dark!’ And then, I will go ‘Yes, Sophie! It’s time to sleep!‘ ‘Mummy, hug? Hug? Ok?‘ And I would pull her close to my chest, hold her little hand and sometimes talk/ sing her to sleep.

Last night, she was on a roll and couldn’t stop talking. After a while, I raised my voice and went ‘Sophie, go and sleep!’. When she refused to, I started playing pretend with her and just pretended to cry… big mistake, cos she learned what I did and staying to fake cry too. Man, this kid sure learns fast!

After this, it resulted in Bubba requesting for about 10 songs from Itsy Bitsy Spider X 5 to the Rainbow Song X 5 and more hugs plus hand-holding before finally closing her eyes shut… Yay for me!


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