Off to Odaiba

It’s been almost 8-9 years since we stepped foot into Odaiba. I recalled it to be a nice area with night views that are pretty breathtaking of the Rainbow Bridge. In the day, the place offered some lovely restaurants and shopping for the family. The Man had plans to hang out with his ex-colleagues in the evening so we decided on a day-trip to Odaiba since it was a little further out than the usual haunts.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe weather was pretty sunny so we decked the Bub out in a spring worthy outfit. Since trench-coats are the must-have attire for Spring, we put her in one too. Hehe.




First up, cheesy family peektures because the Bub humoured us and actually posed/smiled when we asked her to. Taking pictures with toddlers can be quite challenging because they can’t quite smile on demand yet. Not to mention, she was more interested to run around then to be confined in one area.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe entire area of Odaiba is rather huge and I think during the Summer, the seaside park made for a good site to visit with little water attractions for the kiddos and adults alike. I was all nervous about getting the Bub’s feet all dirty but the Man was all for the Bub playing on the man-made beach, so we did that for a bit before heading indoors.



Bills was our choice for restaurant because we love the Ricotta Hotcakes there. I also enjoyed the Corn Fritters very much too but that’s a seasonal item and unfortunately, that was not offered on the menu when we were there.


What’s actually nice to know is that the Bills wasn’t too crowded on a weekday. We could secure seats rather easily at about 11am in the morning unlike its counterpart over at Omotesando where we usually would have to end up waiting in line. They offer all-day dining if I ain’t wrong and if you wish to head there for lunch/ tea/ dinner, you can make the reservations online quite easily.


There are actually loads to do over at Odaiba with malls aplenty for shopping, dining as well as entertainment for the young and the old. I glanced through the list of attractions offered and we decided to bring the Bub to check out Legoland Discovery Centre for I read reviews and it seemed like it was fun for her.

img_7659Entrance fee was 2,000+ for the adults. For kids under 2 years of age, it’s free. There are a total of 2 rides at Legoland for the kiddos, one of which was the interactive magical quest laser game where we sat with the Bub. She obviously had no clue what was happening nor what she was shooting at but appeared to have enjoyed the ride with both of us at the end of it all. The other ride, well, she didn’t meet the height requirement so we sat that out instead.

img_7660There was a huge play area which functioned like a play gym for the kids and the Bub enjoyed running up and down the soft play area when we let her loose in there. The only downside is that there are many other kids in the area too so we had to keep a watchful eye on the Bub for fear that someone would knock her down if they ain’t careful.

After we tired the Bub out sufficiently at the play-gym area at Legoland, she demanded for her milk and then drifted off to sleep. That was when the Man and I took advantage of the quiet time to do some shopping over. The Man managed to stock up on golf-wear while we chanced upon some beauty shop and went crazy over toiletries.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOdaiba makes for a lovely day out away from the hectic Tokyo city-life if you find malls, buildings and neon lights a little too overwhelming in the day. I suspect that there are other fun things for kiddos to do so I gotta spend more time on research if we do head back. 😉



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