Cherry Blossoms in Tokyo

Our last trip to Tokyo where we caught the Sakura was during our Baby Moon in April 2014 – boy, time sure does fly by. We weren’t too sure if we will be lucky enough to catch the Cherry Blossoms for most predictions do say that the full bloom will be expected around end March. Of course when I start talking about the Sakura blossoming in Tokyo and my theories around it, the Man would shake his head in disbelief saying that I ain’t no Sakura expert. Well, I didn’t claim to be one, in the first place, tsk!

L1010143Anyway, I do wished that when we were there we would have seen Shinjuku National Park in its full glory – Pretty Pink and White blooms lined alongside the green fields (pic taken from 2014). But alas, it was not meant to be. I must say that we are lucky and I’m thankful that we did see a couple of flowering trees just before we left, so I can’t complain. 🙂

We actually went to Shinjuku Park twice. The first was with the Little Bow Family but the park was unfortunately closed that day. So on the eve of our departure from Tokyo, told the Man that we should definitely try to head back there again. We braved the crazy cold temperature (apparently 4-5 degrees for Spring) that afternoon and headed straight for Shinjuku. The Bub’s little hands were actually pretty cold by then and I was praying so hard that she won’t catch a chill.

But I guess that didn’t stop the little one from having all that fun when she possibly can when unleashed from her stroller. She was happily squealing around the park and picking up random floral bits when she spied them on the pavement. It was indeed a funny sight to behold! 😂


Family pics are quite hard to capture but the Man managed to grab a couple of shots when the Bub felt like she was ready to humour us. Thereafter, we just strapped her back into the stroller and then proceeded for some couple wefies. Man, it has been a while since we did that! Haha..

It’s actually feels kinda surreal that when we were there in 2014, I was pregnant with the Bub and wondered what it would be like to bring her to see the Sakura when she’s much older. The Man and I had planned on not letting her travel with us until she’s 10 but look at where we are at! Eating our very own words but couldn’t be happier to have the little one with us in our fave city. I’m already looking forward for the next trip where we head back again!

Will be compiling a travel post on some simple survival tips on traveling to Tokyo with a toddler (where to shop, how to get around, what to eat, etc), so stay tuned for that if you are keen to find out more on how we moved around the city. 🙂


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