DIY Craft: Introducing the concept of day and night

Following the craft Christmas tree that I made for Bubba, I was once again inspired by Mama Libby’s craft idea of introducing the concept of Day and Night. It seemed fairly simple to put together, so I drove out to the nearest Popular store, purchased the items and hid in the room to make these Day and Night craft boards for Bubba.

Ta-dah, presenting my very own Day and Night craft boards!


Okay, here are the materials that I purchased at Popular Store. I’m sure you can find them at your local stationery shop or if all else fails, I think Daiso would have these items as well.

img_9777These glitter foam pads are so pretty. They cost a little more than the standard ones but they really make the craft board pop up with its glitter. For the backing, I got 2 compressed foam boards from another store – blue for Day and black for Night. If you like you could go with simple black and white boards as well. I doubt the price difference will be a lot.

img_9785And here’s how the Day board is put together. First, decide what objects you you want to put on your board. I followed Libby’s recommendations and our Day board included a sun, some clouds and green hills. Thereafter, start tracing the shape of the clouds, sun, hills into basic shapes like circle, triangle, rectangle, etc on to the foam pieces and then cut them out. Place the cut shapes on the board and then trace the shapes out onto the board.

 img_9787For the Night board, I chose to go with the Moon, Stars and a couple of houses. Again, I did the same as the above. Cut the shapes out (went with regular shapes) and then placed them on the board. I used a silver marker to trace out the shapes. They don’t know perfectly drawn but it’s got a homely feel attached to the artwork.

img_9805Tip: To attach the shapes on to your main board, I would recommend that you use velcro tape instead of double-sided tape. I forgot that my board was not made of felt material and happily stuck double-sided tape to all the shapes. It was when Bubba tried to pull them off and stick them back that I realised that it COULD NOT be stuck back. What’s worse is that it left these ugly sticker marks on my board. I was crushed! But I quickly got over it, trashed my nails by peeling those double-sided stickers on the foam bits and then sticking the velcro tape over it.

img_9810Bubba did have fun playing with these Day and Night DIY craft boards that I made for her. More importantly, it’s a great way of introducing the concept of Day and Night, objects like stars, moon, sun, houses, etc, shapes and colours.

If you wish to get crafty for your kid, try this! 🙂 Also, I’m always on a look-out for fun educational material so if you have any tips/ simple DIY activities, please share them along with me.

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