Checking out: May May

IMG_6448 Upon a friend’s recommendation after drooling on the pic that she posted on IG, we decided to check out May May one Sunday afternoon post massage. A quick check online and found that they closed at 5pm on Sundays. Great for us as we finish our massage at about 230pm and usually have a problem trying to find lunch places (off the slightly beaten track) that’s still opened around that time.

IMG_6447Best part? We were the only diners in the restaurant given that we walked in at about 3pm. In fact, I was worried that they may just turn us away but thankfully, they didn’t. The Man was famished and didn’t want to share, so we each ended up having a main along with a side.

IMG_6449The Homemade Tofu which reminded me of a deconstructed Pitan Tofu dish. The Man compared it to an escalated version of tofu panna cotta. I quite like the taste and the texture.

IMG_6450For our mains, the Man went with this butter poached miso cod rice bowl complete with sprouts, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, egg, wakame and lotus root slices. He took a bite and proclaimed that I would like it better than he did, this usually means that the dish either is tangy or is heavy-handed for the vinegar. I can’t quite recall to be honest.

IMG_6452I was more than happy with my selection of the chilled Somen with toasted seaweed, ebiko roe and prawns. Taste-wise, I really do enjoy it. Feels quite simple to replicate this dish at home too, probably need to toss the somen in some chilli oil and then chill it. Throw in the rest of the condiments and we are pretty much set. The prawns look rather sad in this dish so I think you could leave it out.

IMG_6453Close-up of the stunning and winning dish that I think you should definitely order if you visit the place.

IMG_6454Also, we felt really quite greedy, so we decided to order the salted egg custard donut. I was half-expecting a donut but instead we were served with three donuts. I was stuffed so we shared one and packed the rest home. Felt that it was a tad bit too sweet for my liking and I would have prefered to save my calories instead of splashing them on this.

May May offer both lunch and dinner which we are thinking of heading down to try out soon.

May May
Address: 65 Tras Street, Singapore 079004
Telephone: 6221 4698
Opening hours: Mon – Sat (11am to 11pm), Sun (11am to 5pm)


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