Choosing schools

Of late, one of the ‘hot’ topics that I chat with my mama friends or to come up during a convo with mama friends are ‘Which school do you send your child to?

This article has been circulating among my circle and on our Facebook feeds. The Man read it with interest and eyes widened when he saw how much the school fees were for some of the schools.

To be honest, we haven’t stepped foot into one of those mentioned schools placed among the list. The usual schools that friends shared about like Pat Schoolhouse, Brighton, Chiltern or Eaton, nope, we didn’t step foot. Ok, I did do a short tour of ChildFirst accompanied by a friend whose child goes there and was suitably impressed with the sprawling grounds and the set-up for the toys.

But we are happy with the school that we had selected for Bubba when she was in infant-care and it felt like a natural progression for her to move up the levels in the school. The school has a sound programme and at her age, I like the ‘kampong’ environment where I know that my nephew is just in the next class and that my siblings/ parents can pop in to visit her and pick her up if we are busy.

Will we rock the ship and jump to somewhere else? I don’t know. Perhaps it’s a question of is the grass really greener on the other side? Maybe? Maybe one day, we may just find ourselves checking out other schools.

But for now, I’m just celebrating little achievements like Bubba not crying during drop-off in school! 🙂

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