10 March 2016

While most of the world is excited about the partial solar eclipse happening in the morning, we were over the moon when there was no drama at the school drop-off this morning!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAShe had been out sick the past 2 days and had missed school, so the plan was to hang around for about 10 minutes, get her settled and then scoot off.

We brought her to her teacher and she headed straight for the lego toys when she saw another girl playing with it. Thereafter, she turned to us and said ‘Bye, Daddy! Bye, Mummy!’

I stared at the Man, ‘Did she just say that?‘ I could not believe my ears! We decided not to take our 10 minutes to linger on and just take our chances and leave. As we turned our backs, there was no protesting from the Bub nor any screams. I resisted trying to turn back and headed straight out of the school.

Woo hoo! Achievement unlocked for not crying during drop-off in school! Let’s hope she keeps this up and that it’s not pure luck as she is now taking a 2-day break at home due to a HFMD minor outbreak plus she’s still recovering from her flu/ cough.



2 thoughts on “10 March 2016

  1. csary says:

    She look like a big girl in this pic. Aww.. so nice.
    Its a phase. I have a koala bear at home that stick to us too. He can even tell me he cry.. when i go work.

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