Hoping it will all sink in..

Okay, your eyes are not playing tricks on you! I’m publishing this post again because I can’t find the one I posted!! Grr!! Updating blog-posts using the WordPress mobile app had kinks!! Argh!!

Anyway, I was sharing about the drop-off and how it’s still a struggle for me to find a balance. To say goodbye or to just quietly ‘slink away’ when she is not noticing me. So part of my strategy to help the Buba and possible myself feel better about the whole drop-off episode is to reinforce how Daddy and Mummy will always be there for her to pick her up from school everyday. Yes, the parent drop-off and pick-up duty is still undertaken by us as her school is pretty much on the way to work. On days that we can’t make it, then my parents will help.


When I’m behind the driver’s wheel, I like to engage Bubba is conversation. It could range from anything to look what’s out there to singing to her fave tunes on the CD which is practically on repeat mode. Just a week ago, I decided perhaps I will talk to her about school and to reassure her that we will be there to pick her up and not abandon her.

Me: Sophie, Mummy go to work, ok?
S: Okay!
Me: Sophie go to school?
S: Okay!
Me: Don’t cry, ok?
S: Okay!
Me: Mummy will pick you up after that ok?
S: Okay!

So this convo will go on repeat mode for about 5-10 times during the car journey and before bedtime when I get some quiet time alone with her. Perhaps having these simple messages on repeat mode, she will somehow be able to articulate them sooner or later.

Just a few days back, I decided to repeat this convo to see if it made any sense to her and I was pleasantly surprised by what she said!

Me: Sophie, Mummy go?
S: Work.
Me: Sophie go?
S: School (pause) Don’t cry. (pause again)  Pick up.
Me: Great! Awesome!
S: Awesome!


We couldn’t be more thrilled and proud at Bubba for understanding what we said and hoped that it made some sense to her. Of course, when she’s older, she will probably accuse of me being naggy for that’s what I did when I was a teenager. But I now know better. It’s not being naggy, it’s just reinforcing the ‘key message’ and to bring the point across repeatedly.



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