What to prep for snacks?

Bubba takes about 4 meals in school namely breakfast, lunch, milk and then tea-break at about 3.30pm. We pick her up between 6 – 6.30pm so the school did say that the kids would be hungry just before dinner, so if we’d like, we could pack a snack in for her.

I think I’ve shared before that there is a weekly menu that gets rotated so I know what Bubba will be having for her meal-times. On some of the days where I know she won’t eat her breakfast or the tea-break served, I usually prepare a small snack for her so she won’t go hungry or go round eating her friend’s snacks. That said, I also realised that once she takes a snack before dinner, she wouldn’t really polish off her dinner that readily. So, I guess I need to try and strike a balance with that.


I’ve seen what some parents prepped for their little ones. These include items like Hello Panda biscuits, Meiji Plain Saltine Biscuits, pacakged sponge cakes and fruits. I haven’t quite gone the easily packaged biscuits route yet for I am still trying to introduce  her to commercially available snacks/ biscuits in moderation. So here’s what I usually prep for Bubba for breakfast and/or her tea-break:

  • Bread with her fave home-made strawberry jam (courtesy of Chef Julien from Odette)
  • Wholewheat Cereal O’s
  • Kellogg’s® Disney Frozen cereal – she loves this and it was nearly impossible to find it in the supermarket. We get ours from NTUC. I suspect the sugar content is quite high which is why this cereal is a hit with her.
  • Sponge cake from local bakeries near the office (sometimes a hit-and-miss, she would only eat this when she is super duper hungry and nothing else is available for her to pick)
  • Annie’s Homegrown Cheddar Bunnies, All Natural Baked Snack Crackers
  • Fruits such as strawberries, grapes, blue-berries (fruits that basically won’t oxidise so quickly as the school doesn’t keep them in the refrigerator)

I’m trying my best to give and introduce healthy snacks so as to instill good eating habits. I know the picture above probably not the right one to accompany this post but in my defence, it’s an organic Vitamin C lollipop. As you can tell,  it’s really quite challenging so if you have any tips on what sort of healthy snacks this Mama can prep for the Bub, please do leave a comment and share them here! 🙂



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