The Queen of Pop

Madonna’s Rebel Heart concert held on Sunday, 28 Feb 2016 was definitely the talk of the town. Initially, I wasn’t too excited about going to the concert but over dinner one evening with our friends, we jokingly said that IF we managed to secure the tickets, we will all go together for a fun night out (sans the kids of course). Well, we got the tickets and the rest was history.

I ain’t a huge Madonna fan but I grew up listening to her and have boogied many nights away with several of her famed hits. Her concerts have always been touted as controversial and Singapore was often missed in her world tours because we are known to be conservative. So when our tiny red dot finally relaxed the rules a little and opened our doors for the Queen of Pop, it felt like I had to go for the concert.

I didn’t quite know what to expect. I was just hoping that it would start on time and finish at a godly hour so that I can head home and hit the sack. I know it does sound mildly sad but apart from the Bub and the Man, sleep does takes precedence over a lot of things in my life these days. And according to several reports, Madonna has been infamously late for her concerts – 3 hours in London, 2 odd hours in Tokyo, etc. I wasn’t quite prepared to be waiting in the heat for the diva to appear.

img_5135So we contemplated as to whether we should arrive earlier than the scheduled 8pm start time or later? In the end, we decided to meet at 7.50pm and take a train down to Sports Hub (because parking would be a nightmare there). We arrived at the Sports Hub a little after 8pm just in time for the public announcement that came on air to inform the audience that the concert will start in 30mins time (which was about 8.45-8.50pm).

The concert started on a high note and we scored some pretty good tickets were about 20 rows from the stage. I was pretty contented standing on my chair and waving my hand-held fan to keep cool from the heat. Note: wear shorts if you are attending any concerts at the Sports Hub, it can get really hot! That was until the guards came around and insisted we get down, so the Man and I maneuvered ourselves to where the speakers were and basically just stood there for about 1.5 hours.

img_5165It was by far one of the best concerts that I’ve attended in a long while. I knew enough of her songs in order to scream my lungs out and for the songs that I didn’t I simply just joined the throngs of crowd with my hands up in the air.

img_5163 img_5152
Madge came pretty up close to the stage as well. Thanks to the zoom function on my iPhone, I did manage to capture some pretty decent shots of her (though a little blur).

img_5191All in all, an electrifying concert by the Queen of Pop herself. At 57, I think she has outdone herself. If I’m 57, I doubt I will be able to pull off any kind of skimpy outfits much less dancing in those heels.



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