IMG_4602I think our baby-wearing days may just be ending soon. Just the other day, I tried putting Bubba into our Tula carrier for it was one of those days where she had her milk-feed and was way over-due for her nap.

As I strapped her into the Toddler Kepler that we scored on the Tula stocking, I strapped her in and rocked her to sleep as she wailed ‘I don’t want! I don’t want!‘ and it just broke my heart a little.

While we don’t baby-wear as often as we like and everywhere that we go, but the baby-carrier was our first ‘mode of transportation’ and getting around when Bubba was a lot smaller and I didn’t want to head out with both a stroller and a carrier. I had so many hits and misses with other brands of carriers (read all about it here, here and here) before THE ONE – Tula – came to our home.

The fit was perfect and I loved having Bubba so close to me as we zipped through the crowds or as I rocked her to sleep when it was time for her naps.

Here’s our humble stash-shot that I took one afternoon. I could not be happier with our first Up and Away Standard Canvas Tula scored on the website in my fave Michael Miller print. Initially I was worried about how it may clash with my outfits but we found a way to make it work. This specific Tula has also seen the world – having gone to Europe and Australia (as a loan to Mama Mag).


I think it’s here to stay with us permanently. I don’t know if I have the heart to let it go for there were so many fond memories I have of Bubba in this Tula.

img_4250Because of my weakness for all things stars, I succumbed to this WC Standard Glow Nebula Tula. It was so buttery soft and beautiful in a mint and cream combo. Unfortunately, because we loved our standard canvas more, this was left largely untouched.

Next up for us in baby wearing will be moving on to Toddlers! Some of you may be wondering why even bother to baby wear the Bub when she is fully capable of walking? Well, different schools of thought, for me personally, I like that I can hold Bubba close to me still. We haven’t quite moved on to Toddlers yet for the Tula but the Aurora Kepler is waiting to be broken into. Fingers crossed!


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