The Perfectionists’ Cafe at London Terminal 2

img_2356We spent a good couple of hours at the refurbished London Airport Terminal 2 which had a good selection of shopping and nice restaurants / cafes. I spotted Heston Blumenthal’s caricature from afar and decided to check out the place. We were pleasantly surprised by what we ate and drank and decided to come back again to the Perfectionists’ Cafe just before we boarded our flight back home.

img_2360For one of THE BEST fish and chips that we have ever had, I think this is it – The Perfectionists’ Cafe EXTRAORDINARY FISH & CHIPS! Even the Man who’s a fish and chips snob agrees fully with me.

The batter surrounding the fish was simply light and crunchy. We later found out that they use a special beer batter that is aerated through a siphon to create the lightest, crunchiest texture possible. The chips were super yummy and that possibly can be attributed to the fact that the triple-cooked chips were cooked in duck fat. So sinful but oh-so-good compared to normal chips.

img_2358I’m usually not a fan of Bloody Mary but this came highly recommended by our server. I let the Man have a go at this first before even wanting to take a sip out of the straw from this. Did you know this cocktail is considered as a breakfast beverage? Funny! But I eventually gave it a go and it tasted pretty good. Like I said, Bloody Mary would not have been my choice of alcoholic poison. But the one at The Perfectionists’ Cafe is one that I would recommend.

Now you know.. factor in more time to fill up your bellies before the long flight home if you are ever flying out of London Heathrow Airport Terminal 2!


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