Dahlia Dreams @ Gardens by the Bay

l1030533We rounded up the troops one Sunday morning and headed to our fave place – Gardens by the Bay – to check out the gorgeous Dahlia Dreams Floral Display which was brought in to usher in the Lunar New Year.

img_4488As Friends of the Gardens, we get unlimited entries to ticketed attractions (okay, we did not get sponsorship for this, paid for the annual pass 🙂 which we find is really quite worth it given how many times we actually head to Gardens by the Bay).l1030527

l1030524“Dahlia Dreams” brings to mind the mythical “Flowers and Fruit Mountain” (where the legendary Monkey King was said to be born, as well as “Water Curtain Cave” that was described in the novel. Look out for monkey-shaped topiaries as you stroll through a cavern with unexpected surprises in this first floral display of 2016 that is infused with elements of Chinese arts and culture.

l1030526l1030516Bubba generally loves visiting the Flower Dome for it’s cool and spacious so we let her run around if she remains within our line of sight.

img_4489The little tour around the floral display also made for an educational trip as there were the 12 zodiac animals on display and we pointed them out to Bubba as we went along the trail.

l1030512Bubba was also quite the Little Miss Congeniality, going up to others and giving them a hi-five. Well, at least they indulged in her little antics. 🙂

l1030452Till the next time we visit Gardens then. I think it probably will be the Tulips display! 🙂


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