Kid-friendly Japanese Curry

Bubba takes over her father’s character and can be quite the fussy eater. She doesn’t take to new flavours immediately but once she likes something, she doesn’t have a problem eating it every day. Current things she loves to eat:

  • Eggs! Especially steamed chawamushi!
  • Blueberries
  • Strawberries
  • Chocolate marble bread
  • Bread with strawberry jam
  • Cheese
  • Steak
  • Cod

I love to try and introduce new flavours to her just so as to break the monotony of eating the same thing almost every other day for dinner at home or lunch over the weekends. Saw this amazing kiddy curry rice bowl that Mama Libby whipped up for little foodie – Sophie Rose, so I decided to try and recreate this for my fussy little one.

This is our second time making the dish. The first time we made this, Bubba was about 14 – 15 months. She took a couple of bites of the curry then and then decided it was more fun playing with her food rather than eating it. I also realised we didn’t quite do it right the first time round. We basically got too excited in making the curry that we threw in all the curry cubes into the pot. Well, didn’t help that the instructions were all in Japanese and I don’t read Japanese.

This time round, thanks to a couple of tips shared by Mama Libby, making this kiddy Japanese curry was a much better experience. Also helped that the Bub was hungry and I managed to convince her it’s really yummy!

img_3645Here’s the main star of the kiddy version of the Japanese curry! You could get this from Japanese specialty stores or at the Japanese supermarket. We got ours at Parkway Parade.

img_3647Here’s my attempt at creating this Japanese curry bowl and playing with this cute food cutter that I bought at Daiso. Must say, it’s quite a lot of effort fashioning stars, hearts and bears for her carrots and pumpkins. Needless to say, guess who was more excited about the way it looked? And who paid probably at best 5 seconds on the overall appearance before digging into the meal?

At least, I tried! 🙂


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