Packing Bubba’s bag for school (a handy checklist)

img_5635A couple of Mama friends were asking what they should be packing for their toddlers when they head off to school. To be honest, I thought I knew, having put Bubba through school when she was 9 months old. But as the days inched closer to her first week at Toddler class, I found myself panicking and at a loss on what to pack.

img_3196A quick check with the teacher and I decided to compile this list which may come in handy if you ever found yourself to be in a pickle like me. FYI: Bubba goes to a full-day of childcare meant for 18 month olds and above.

  1. Water bottle
  2. Milk bottle with 2 milk feeds in a separate container
  3. Snack items (I usually go through the weekly menu and if I think she doesn’t like what the school serves for breakfast or for her tea-break, I would pack some snacks ranging from apple puffs, cornflakes, raisins, peanut butter cookies, etc from home for Bubba)
  4. Wet bag containing a towel, a change of clothes for the afternoon and a pair of anti-slip socks, diaper cream
  5. A separate tote where I would place her bedsheet cover and pillow (we would need to bring this on Monday and then bring it back home on Friday)


Here are items that we can leave in Bubba’s cubby-hole. When the items are running out, Bubba’s teacher will inform us so that we can replenish:

img_3197-1I also went on a labelling frenzy after I got all of the above-mentioned items ready for Bubba. For her snack containers and water bottles, I purchased labels from Sticker Kid as well as Stuck on You.

1455235858016The starter kit I got from Sticker Kid had labels of various sizes including labels for the shoes and iron-on labels that were super handy for labelling her towels, her wet bag and her uniform. The labels are of a smaller size and come in various cute designs, fonts and colours. It did take a while for us to get the iron-on label fixed on to her clothes/ towels but once we figured how that was done, it was pretty secure.

img_3195The other set of labels which I purchased from Stuck on You were in designs that were so pretty and cute at the same time. They run a little larger than the one we got for Sticker Kid so it made it slightly harder to stick them on smaller surfaces. I also had some problems trying to order the labels when I tried to include Bubba’s mandarin name on the sticker. Somehow whatever software I used, the Chinese character of Bubba’s name just could not be recognised. Super strange!

Alright, after you have prepared and labelled all the items, it’s time to pack all of it into a school bag for the little one. The irony is that the little one will not be the tiny person carrying the bag most of the time. The parents end up lugging the bag. You know where this is headed right? More shopping for this Mama!


I had purchased a couple of mini bags for Bubba and had thought that they probably could fit the bill to be used for Bubba’s school. Unfortunately, they ended up becoming a little too tiny for me to squeeze everything in. So I went in search of another school bag. These are the criteria it needed to fulfill – lightweight, not too expensive (because it’s probably going to be thrown around at school), needed to have drink bottle sleeves. Colour-wise, I reckoned Bubba probably won’t end up carrying it (unlike the above pic) so I decided to choose something that I could carry.


I managed to find a Junior Razzle Dazzle backpack from Smiggle. The best part had to be that it was on sale. The backpack had the features that I had wanted and could fit majority of Bubba’s daily items for school. I practically dumped or forced all the different shaped mini bags into the main bag. The bag also has features such as different compartments for me to stuff Bubba’s communication book from the school and her little knick knacks. It was such a steal and absolutely no regrets on getting it. That said, ain’t going to stop me from shopping/ looking around for more back-packs for the Bub.


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