Introducing Quinoa to Bubba

I have been a fan of quinoa for the longest time. When I was trying hard to shave off a couple of kilos off my weight, I would replace rice at home for quinoa. So it’s no surprise that I would be keen to try and introduce quinoa to Bubba. The only problem is that she can be quite the picky eater (kinda like the Man) – she doesn’t take to new foods that readily and can eat the same thing pretty much everyday without feeling bored.

I had been skeptical and wondered if she would even like this power-food should I make it for her. Putting my worries aside, I decided to bite the bullet and just whip up a meal with quinoa for her as I saw how my friend’s 16 month old girl enjoying said grain.

img_3279Here’s what I did, I soaked the quinoa for about 20 minutes first before boiling it in low-sodium chicken broth for added flavour. I was pleasantly surprised when the Bub actually took a spoonful of the quinoa and then requested for second helpings.

img_3281Am now inspired to try out more interesting dishes with quinoa for Bubba. Any recommendations?


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