A APE-y New Year

img_3406How did your Lunar New Year celebrations go? I hope you guys had a good break over the past 2 days just catching up with family, friends and feasting on goodies. I know we sure did! Our first day started somewhat a little later than usual and we squeezed in 3 home visits before we headed back to my parents for the traditional home visit.

img_3407This is Bubba’s second Lunar New Year celebration and boy is she more responsive this year. When she sees the festive decor put up around the house, she would excitedly point towards them and go ‘Happy New Year!’ When we chime ‘Gong Xi Gong Xi!’, she would put her two hands together and gesture the greeting. This time round, she could even hold 2 oranges together and give them to the elders as a mark of respect.

img_3409When it came to the outfits, I definitely had a field time picking them out for the little Miss. I was going to shy away for the cheongsams but couldn’t resist popping not one but a total of 4 for the entire festive period! Yikes! Thank goodness for 15 days of Lunar New Year!img_3273

This year, we are also big of Mummy and Bubba twinning outfits. I guess this is only cute when they are young and they wouldn’t think it’s a major embarrassment. Plus, since I am paying for the clothing, I might as well milk it for what it’s worth. It was certainly fun playing dress-up with my little model who also exhibited mini-model behaviour when I asked her to humour me for some twinning shots.

img_3408We ended the first day with a short walk around the hood with the kiddos and a simple cook-out for dinner. Oh and let’s not forget the cheesy Chinese movies that the Man so enjoy. I always feel that something is amiss if we skip those Chinese movies. I don’t watch them but the Man does.


Our second day was a simple affair with my sisters and cousin visiting our place first. It was a cool morning so the kiddos burnt off some energy by running around the garden. We even managed to line them up for a proper photo this year around. We thought it would be difficult but turned out it wasn’t half as bad as the year before where half the group could not sit still.

IMG_3358My, and we even managed a group photo complete with smiling faces all round plus props! Now, that’s a feat!

Back to work tomorrow, but the feasting continues. I fear for my waistline.. <shudders>..

Hope your Lunar New Year celebrations went off with a good start and wishing you all a Prosperous and Joyful New Year!



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